Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eating and Anzac Soldiers lunch

100 years ago soldiers at Gallipoli wrote about the rations they had to eat day after day:

In order to better understand what eating these biscuits, bully beef and jam was like, Room 10 had an Anzac lunch today. Conditions in class were far more hygienic than those the soldiers endured. Now we understand what the soldiers meant when they described how hard the biscuits were ....

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Anzac Service, Tokoroa 2015

After a long day at Waiouru  Room 10 did not make it to the Dawn Parade ( well done to Brodan, Elijah and Abi for getting up early and attending!). 
As some of our House Captains were presenting a wreath on behalf of the school - over half the class gave up their time to march in the parade too and attend the service at the Council Building to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landing. 
Ready to march - with our House Captains Kiana, Robert and Scarlett

Listening to the Mayor speak

Abi' s pic' from the Dawn Service

The words spoken by Prime Minister John Key at Gallipoli 
Thanks also to those Tokoroa Photographers whose pictures I have included in this post

It was really fun marching with all of the other people at the Anzac parade. It was pretty emotional to see most of the people wearing medals and all of the crosses by the council building. I really liked it.

I went to the Anzac Service.
Some of our class marched around the street to represent our school and remember those who fought for peace in our country.1,000 people attended to the Tokoroa anzac services, lots of people wore medals. I felt proud marching with the high school but we weren't as good at marching as them.

I attended the dawn parade with the Scouts early in the morning; I think there were more people at the Dawn Parade then the Anzac Service.
I attended the 9.00am ANZAC parade we had to get there at 8.30am then we started at 9.00am and we marched to the Council Building from the Court House. It was fun marching through town.    Kiana

I attended the Hamilton Anzac parade, It was very big and there was about 5000 people and children there, there was about 50 wreaths and a lot of speeches. I’m glad that i paid my respects.           Jackson

This was my first time going to the 8:30 ANZAC parade representing Tokoroa Intermediate. it was fun when we were marching but Tokoroa high school was much better than us, we marched from the courthouse to the council building. Strathmore School sang beautifully.

I went to the Anzac service and I tried to march, but I can’t get my arms and legs right to march right.   Hunter

I attended the Dawn Parade with my dad and I was really thrilled to see how much people came to remember the sacrifice that all those men and women made 100 years ago.
I also attended the Anzac service and I was so happy to march with my class and listen
to my brother and sister sing with Strathmore School.

The Anzac service was fun because Starden and I tried to walk like the real soldiers.
The house captains laid a wreath by the Council.   Lucas

I watched the Gallipoli ceremony because my cousin was one of the four NZ Navy force people who were picked to represent NZ at the Gallipoli because she had two connections who had fought in WW. Their names were Thomas and Issac Hunt and they were Maori.      Brodie

I did not attend an ANZAC parade. The ANZACs landed in Gallipoli on the 25th of April  
We will remember.     Aliana.
I did not attend in the ANZAC service but i watched it on TV. There were heaps of people that attended in ANZAC services.        Pita.  

I attended the Dawn and the 8:30 Parade with St John.We were walking in the colour party.  We had to walked from St John to the Club [Dawn] and also walked from Court house to the council [8:30] I had to lay the wreath.         Anton

I did not attend an Anzac service but I did see photos and some things on the TV about the parades and how many people were attending the parades all over the country.

I went to the Anzac parade and I felt proud because I was representing our school and remembering the people who died in World War 1. 1,000 people attended to the Tokoroa Anzac parade and lots of people wore their own medals or someone else’s medals that were in their family.

I did not attend the ANZAC service but I did watch the ANZAC service in Wellington on live TV. I was so amazed on how many people were wearing medals whether it was theirs or their grandparents. The people that were talking were on a high platform beneath them were thousands of people. I felt sad when they started to talk about the remembrance of our soldiers that fought in Gallipoli.     Hoana-Rose

I did not attend an ANZAC service or the dawn parade. The ANZACs landed at Gallipoli on the 25th of April. We will remember them.

I went to the Anzac service, we listened to people talk about the world wars - some of the people that were talking were in the war and we also listened to some of the kids sing a couple of songs.   Saige

I went to the morning Anzac service and speeches were long. Starden

I went to the Anzac morning service and i found it pretty cool marching and listening to the speeches. Jackira

I went to the Dawn Parade, I saw lots of medals and people wearing them like my poppa. I liked it that there were a lot of people that did go because it is the 100 year anniversary

I attended the ANZAC parade and we were at the back of the parade and we walked from the court house to the council, we sang the national anthem and after the ANZAC parade my brother got a picture taken with some soldiers.

Room 10 visit the Army Museum

In Term 2 we are learning about World War 1 - this is our focus in Social Studies, Writing and Reading, in particular the events at Gallipoli and why they are so important to us as New Zealanders.
To help get a better understanding of these events Room 10 went to the NZ Army Museum and learnt about wars New Zealand has fought in, took part in a Remembrance ceremony, cooked rations and found out a little about WW1 firearms.
Thanks to Mark the Education Officer, we had a great day...

I enjoyed Mr Goodman playing the bugle The Last Post because it made me to try and think about what actually happened in world war 1,but it was so hard trying to think about what the soldiers went through. It was my first time hearing someone play the bugle. I was very emotional. My favourite part of the museum was the room of medals it was so amazing seeing all the different soldiers’ medals and how brave they were to fight for their country. I learnt that the Victoria Cross is a medal for someone that did something extremely brave.
It was my favourite museum experience that I’ve ever had.         Hoana-Rose

I enjoyed looking at all the firearms because they were the real ones they used in World War 1.
I learnt to never volunteer in the army because you never know what's coming your way and that all the display figures feature the staff that worked there.

I enjoyed going around the museum, it was cool to go and look at what kind of guns and stuff they used in World War 1. I liked cooking the modern day rations but not eating them.
I learnt that the guns were much heavier than I thought, and that the people who fought did not have a nice lunch. They had over 18000 poppies. I learnt that there were only 3 people that were awarded the Victoria Cross twice.              Jackson

I enjoyed cooking the Rations because it was a really fun experience for me.
I learn that over 18,000 New Zealanders died in World War 1 and each of them
received a dead man's penny.         Elijah

I enjoyed listening to the facts and stories about the war and the soldiers medals because it was very interesting and cool, especially about how this one soldier got his medals. I also learnt how many horses went to war and how many came back - only one.     Taliyah

I enjoyed cooking real war food and holding a pistol.
I learnt that if  you stand on the right of someone when they are reloading you will get burnt.   Lucas

Last Friday on the 24th of April 2015, Room 10 went down to Waiouru to the Army Museum. I enjoyed how we had cook our own rations park the food that I mostly liked was the hot chocolate and the bar of chocolate in the rations. I learnt that you should never steal your friend’s food I also I enjoyed Mr Goodman playing the bugle I almost cried. I saw that up on a wall there was 18000+ knitted poppies.

I enjoyed cooking the Rations pack because it was fun and seeing what they had to cook and eat in a certain time before they started shooting again.
I learnt that you had to gobble the food down your neck in time. and that New Zealand ladies made 1800+ poppies and they did it in just a few months

I enjoyed going on the tour and experiencing medals and real guns, I also enjoyed cooking rations because it was fun (but not spilling everything on the ground.)   Jackira

I learnt that the soldiers were always 1 foot away from their gun when they were having a rest. I enjoyed holding a rifle like the soldiers were fighting with in war.  Starden

I found out that in the Army museum they wanted knitted poppies to show how many people died in the world war, they thought that it would take about 4 years for the woman to knit about 18,000 but it actually took a month or two     Saige

I enjoyed cooking modern day rations. They are much tastier than I thought they would be - well only the chocolate and junk food. I learnt that only one horse came back from the war and there was 1800+ horses went to war.

I found how the museum decided to get 18000+ poppies knitted to remember  about all the soldier that has been wound or died interesting. I learnt that I wound die of starvation because i spent so long trying to get the fire started everyone had already started to eat the their food that they had cooked.

I enjoyed Mr Goodman playing the Last Post on his bugle because he played it beautifully. It also sounded sad at the same time.

I enjoyed cooking the Rations because it was fun and because the food was delicious.
I was learnt that most of the guns that Ian showed us went in WW1 and in WW2.
I also learnt that ladies all over NZ knitted over 18,000 poppies, they thought that it would take 4 years but it only took a couple of months.

I enjoyed looking at the guns because they showed me what the soldiers
used in the war.         
In the war the horses worked hard.  They didn’t come home.

I learnt that I wouldn’t survive long at Gallipoli because i couldn't light the fire quick enough. There was chicken casserole in the ration pack - it was alright.
There are about 18,000 knitted poppies in one place in the museum, it's amazing.

We went to the Army museum and Elijah had to read Ode   then Maddi planted a flax cross with a poppy on it then Mr Goodman play the last post. I found out at if you go to war and you die your Mum and Dad get a dead  man’s penny and your girlfriend or boyfriend get one too .Kiana

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Shadow Battalion

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the events at Gallipoli,  the ANZ Bank has teamed up with the RSA to launch an online campaign that gives Kiwis the opportunity to publicly honour the heroes who were part of the troops that landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.
Today Room 10 honoured these soldiers and nurses...

Shadow Battalion

Our Memoirs

Peer and self assessments have been done - and after some careful final editing our Memoirs are finished, some wonderful writing in here:

Memoir Writing

Monday, April 13, 2015

Memoir Writing

We finished Term 1 with some Memoir writing  A memoir is creative non fiction and is about a  memory; a description of an event from the past. Memoirs are:

  •  Written in the first person; told from one persons point of view
  •  Based on the truth
  •  Reveals the feelings of the writer
  •  Focused on one event; about one point in the authors life

Some great memoirs have been written - here are two good ones and some excerpts showing some great language from others:

The Back of Gisborne

Retardis roaring, crates rattling and my video camera is rolling. As we sweep down the first corner it seems like we just nicked a little road out of this vast landscape. ‘Look at those woolly ewes, ’I say. As we roll pass the ewes Dads dog starts barking.
The RT start’s crackling, “Here we go, ’I say rolling my eyes.  Dad and one of the boys are talking like normal, yapping on about the history of this magnificent gorge and the station. Look at the width of that river! It has to be at least 300m across. Just now there’s only a little stream in the middle, but it would be a different story if it was raining. The boulders must be up to six or seven tonnes scattered across the river. It is just mind blowing being lucky enough to get a glimpse of this vast landscape.
As we clambered down the track I saw in the distance pine trees blanketed over hectares of farmland, well what used to be farmland. We finished following the track, now we’re at the bridge it seems way longer from this side. I ask Dad ‘’why do they have all these bumps across the bridge’’
‘’I don’t know,’’ he replies.
‘’What are we doing next? ‘’ I ask.
‘’Going to pick up some bush cattle’’ Dad replies, he always talks a lot, but not to me.
‘’Oh no they will be mad ‘’ I say, I know why because they always run wild.

Bye bye spectacular gorge.


Our Mansion of Wood
I roared through the lush green field on my motorbike soon we arrived at our mini forest in the middle of the farm.
We tumbled down the jagged bank at the base of the forest, OUCH the stupid blackberry bush, how did I not see that, I tore the thornnow my poor hand is bright red I tore the thorn out, now my poor hand is bright red. I continue fighting my way through the terrible overgrowth. The  forest is not on my side I thought. I finally got through the what felt like I have just struggled through least 1kilometre of whirled and twisted  scrub, suddenly…..I hear a blood curdling scream.
 I looked straight up. A magnificent hawk was gliding through the crystal clear sky with a fluffy, brown, rabbit brawling for its life. Poor little rabbit I thought.
“Go get wood for the hut,” I yelled    
“Nah,” moaned Kirsten.
“Get lost then,” I said.
“Yeah,” echoed Zaid’s voice as he was collecting sticky pine bark and wood [branches].

The sound of trees rustling and birds chirping filled the forest air fantails fluttering around engulfing us, gathering bugs in their smooth beaks.

“We’ve got lots of wood!” yelled the three others.
“Let’s get building” I replied.
We started creating the wooden hut. I found a box of old rusty nails lying in a pile of pine needles. I got a piece of strong wood and started whacking the nail into the branches. As I turned to grab a nail I got a glimpse of a stoat jumping from tree to tree.
“What!” I yelled.
“What did you say?” replied Zaid.
“Nothing,” I said acting innocent.
I continued whacking the nail into the wood. “Yawch” I screamed I know it was a bad idea. We finally finished building our hut, we covered the ground with pine needles. 10 or so minutes later it collapsed. “Too bad,” we all said.

We roared back through the lush green paddocks and we returned home.


“We’ve had a house fire” mum said sadly.
What! I thought, I felt my whole world shrink and then crumble away like dust in the wind. I didn't believe her.

My Aunty’s sparkly pink nails were finished and mine were complete too, then an idea popped into my head.
I know we can get our toes done too and so we did.
Hoana – Rose

When the razor started, it sounded like a million bumble bees and it vibrated like a machine. I was terrified, and all the people looked worried. The tears ran down my Mum’s face like a mini waterfall, it felt like butterflies were flying around in my stomach. Tiffany was starting to shave, when she shaved near my fringe the whole thing just fell off; it felt like my heart was breaking.

My heart was pounding then it stopped.  We stopped there was complete silence you could hear people screaming on other rides and the sound of rides spinning. I’d never been this high before. I heard metal screeching I was really scared

Suddenly we are going real fast, I feel like Superman flying through the air, I wonder if maybe that’s why they call it the Superman ride.

Mum blows a kiss good-bye and I catch it into my heart. I want to turn back, but I know it’s all been paid for and I will have to go no matter what.
I take my last gasp of New Zealand air, then headed off for my first gasp of Australian air.

NO backing down. DON’T think just do. 3.2.1. I put my arms straight up in the air, my body was so tight, my butt was squeezed, my tummy was sucked in, my toes were pointed and my body was level with the beam.
I smile and present then I start to think I want to back down, I don’t know if I can do this!

Sitting on the chair was a….. Puppy i felt gobsmacked. I ran to him and hugged him he squirmed like a jiggly jelly “Stop squirming” I said.

He was huge; his lips hung down like a necklace! Ewww he dribbles… Saliva!! His bronze coat shimmered in the sun, His brown eyes twinkled.
“Can’t wait till he gets older,” I said excitedly.  “I think I will call him Fizzy!”

When my bag was full I put it in the boat. I dived back under to get another kina, but from the corner of my eye I saw the biggest, ugliest stingray come up from the long green seaweed. It went straight underneath me I thought I was going to die; I tried to stay still as it swam around me. I felt the power of its wings up against my arms.
What a relief the stingray just ignored me and swam away.

“It’s no use no one can hear us!” I shouted to my sister. “Why did we lock ourselves in this terrifying, small, stupid cupboard in the first place?”
“Because we thought it might be funny,” my sister replied.

Even though she is very sad, my Mum tells me that my Nan is now in a better place and she is in no more pain. This makes me feel better knowing Nan is in a better place but, It also makes me sad because I want to have her here with us.

The Stratosphere is a new ride at Rainbows end. As I walk nervously to the huge ride, my feet start shaking, the ride stares at me with dark red eyes. “I might regret this” I think to myself.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Milan - Room 10's Poet

Milan has proved to be a talented writer, today she produced these poems, she's  our budding Hone Tuwhare...

Milan's Poems