Sunday, June 28, 2015

McDonald's Tokoroa

We are very luck at Tokoroa Intermediate to have our weekly awards sponsored by our local McDonalds branch. A Big Mac gets awarded in each class - each week. If you do the maths that works out at $1320 worth of burgers. We appreciate it Mr and Mrs Byrne.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Social

The first school social for 2015 is on tomorrow night - if you've behaved well and had good attendance over the past two terms you get an invite.
Good music and good fun and some dancing too...

The Social has been and gone - a great turn out Room 10, 23 of you attended and you all seemed to have a pretty good time too.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gallipoli Diaries 2015

Over the past 6 weeks Room 10 have been learning about Gallipoli and the events that took place there 100 years ago. They have written Diary entries to show their understanding of the landing and life at Gallipoli in the days that followed. 
Room 10 also learnt that Diary's contain both factual information and thoughts and  feelings and their diary entries had to include these.  
It was fitting that Hunter's family shared a WW1 Diary and  Army pay book with the class too. 

Gallipoli Diaries

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Anton attended a Leadership Camp

On the 18th to the 20th of May, I went to a camp which was for Leaders to step out of their comfort zone to challenge them self to do things what they wouldn't do in their everyday life.During the time that was leading up to the day Mr Noke and Mrs Puke were searching for the right people to go, they could only chose 10 kids [5 councillors and 5 house captains] lucky me I got chosen out of the 5 councillors.Then came the day where we all met at the Wananga. There were also 10 kids from Amisfield d and 10 from Tainui there so that made 30 kids in total going to the camp. From there we went to a camp-site called Castle Rock. 

Castle Rock

The Flying Fox starts up on top of this

All of the Future Leaders
Then we got set up in our areas, the girls got a the lodges and the boys got the woolshed. After that we all got put into teams I was in team 1, soon that was finished we went off to our activities, our was ABSeiling. But first we had to walk up Castle Rock with a helmet and a harness it was hard! Finally we got there.So our team woundered off to ABSeiling. I was petrified looking down because it was a long way down but I got over it and did it. We did that for 2 hours. It was so long. Soon that was done and we went and had lunch then back into it but change activities.We went to Rock Climbing that was bit easy than the Abseiling because you had to climb to the top the come down…

On to the next day. Wow that was like much easy because it was all water activities. That morning we drove all the way to the Waikato River where we did it all of it. We went back into our same teams and went off, we were kayaking first it was a brilliant day for the kayaking, it had all the things to make it look like a brilliant and beautiful day. SO we just kayaked around and also did races. After that did Disc Golf [that was just a fun activity] Then did Raft Building. We had to make it out of 5 bamboo sticks, little rope, big rope and 2 flat but strong woods carrying on each wood was 5 empty big bottles to float on the water. After it was made we had to go on the water and get these things that the instructor tells us to get, it was a competition to see who is first, well that was us…
About to go kayaking

Raft making

The last day. In the morning we only had 1 more activity that our team didn't do on Monday and that was the flying fox and that was scary but awesome at the same time this was the one you could have a least 4-5 turns. The aim of it was to just walk off the edge of the platform and the way you go to the end.Then by 2:00pm we had left for Tokoroa.

The boys slept in the Woolshed

By Anton