Sunday, August 4, 2019

Anzacs and the Army Museum

Term 2 saw the class study the Anzacs and the events at Gallipoli, after a visit to the New Zealand Army Museum where they had a tour of the museum and learnt about New Zealand Wars and the wars that our soldiers have taken part in overseas, they took part in Medics and Maori Battalion programmes.
During the Term, they found out about the events at Gallipoli and why New Zealanders joined up to fight there, Gallipoli Soldiers were created that reflected what was learnt:

It's a Room 10 tradition to eat an Anzac soldiers lunch: army biscuits, cheese, jam and bully beef...

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Our Black Poem

Another part of the Get New Zealand Writing project was to create a poem using metaphors to describe a colour. The class voted BLACK their favourite colour and here is the poem:

Black is the colour of my size six High Top Converses.
A monsters favourite colour is black so they can creep at night.
Black, the colour of the dark smoke from a house on fire.
Creepy crawly black spiders getting washed away by the blue water.
Black, the colour of the ashes that fall like raindrops.
The colour of the storm when Father Zeus is angry with us humans is black.

Black is my brother when he loses a game of Fortnite.
My arm turns black after my father punches it just for fun.

Black, the colour of birds flying swiftly through the air.
Batman without his yellow symbol is black.
Black, the colour of darkness and despair.
Black, the colour of the Sky Father when he is crying for Papatuanuku.

Black is the colour of the cold breezy night as we go to bed.
The world sucking, never ending Black Hole.
Black paru feet after running after everyone.
Black ash floating slowly down from the exploding volcano.
Before thunder and lightning the sky is black.
Black the colour of the trolls when they lose their fun side.

Black like the dark hole leading you nowhere.
As black as the thin stretchy hair tie that holds up my long bushy hair.
The San Antonio basketball team wear black.
Black is the colour of an alleyway at night time.
The colour I see when I close my eyes, is black.
Black is what swallows up the good in someone’s heart.

Black scary spiders getting ready to bite me with their fangs.
Black like Hades dark and miserable world.
The colour of my rotten soul is black.
Black feels like sadness and despair.
Black is New Zealand’s national rugby team.
Black, the colour of the storm as it comes and ruins everyone’s day.

Black is the bandana that the vigilante wears.
The class chrome books are black.
Black, the wet sticky tar that sticks to my feet on a hot, sunny day.
Black, the colour of my soul when I’m sad.
Black are the words of hate spewing from his mouth.
Black feels like I’ve just been rejected by a friend.

Black is what covers up dark, dark secrets.
Black like the empty vacuum of space and my heart when I’m sad.
Black is the colour of the bats flying around the haunted house.
One of the traditional colours in our Maori culture is black.
Black are most of the teacher’s clothes.
Black, the colour inside the man who killed in Christchurch.

Black ink scribbled on white paper.
Black are the clouds haunting the sky.
Black, the eyes of a ghost ready to haunt you for the rest of your days.
The black smoke drifts in from the bonfire.
Black like a tuxedo worn by a rich man.
Black is my soul.

Black like rubber burning on the road.
Black is the colour of the firewood as the flame burns down.
Black like burnt toast.
Black, the smoke coming out of the chimney on a cold morning.
Black is the colour of an eerie alley.
Black like the heart of my cat as it sits there and looks at me in disgust.


Room 10, Tokoroa Intermediate  2019

Get New Zealand Writing

A rather late update - earlier this year the class took part in the Get New Zealand Writing project, the third year Room 10 has taken part.
This wonderful project is created and supplied by School Kit ( This year, we were paired with a school in Southland.
Lots of fun was had finding out about our favourite places, songs, objects in our classroom, something the teacher says, words from the class read aloud text ... this required lots of great collaborative group work and use of google forms to vote for the final choices to go on the chart that was sent to our paired class.

Postcards were coloured in and decorated - put together these created a message, and on the reverse poems were written...

Some great learning about onomatopoeia took place:
In previous years 'found poems' have been written but this year it was something new, from a tin full of interesting objects 'slam poems' were created: 

Thanks School Kit for making learning fun!