Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ki O Rahi @ Nga Taonga Takaro Tournament 2013

On the 29th of October 4 teams from Tokoroa Intermediate School went down to the sports ground to play the traditional Maori game Ki-o-Rahi at the annual Nga Taonga Takaro tournament.

The day started out with a performance from most schools competing Tainui, Amisfield, North School, Strathmore Bishop Edward Gaines David Henry and ourselves.
We performed the school haka lead by Jahkay and myself and I may be biased but I think we had the best performance there. After that we were underway with the tournament, we brought two year 7 teams and two year 8 teams competing, my team found most games easy unless it was against our own school.
All teams played about 5 games in the intermediate section 3 of our teams moved on to the semi-finals and 1 Amisfield team.
Year 7 Room 10’s team ( and  Shauna)  beat Amisfield and last years Room 10 team with the help from Curacao, Judas and Carson beat the other Year 7 team.
So it was old ( Year 7) vs new (Year 8) in the finals and it was intense especially as the year 7 team had beaten us in pool play earlier.
The ball was moving so fast I could barely keep up with it and I was only watching from the tupu.
When the final whistle blew we knew that the year 8’s had won.
We performed our haka again this time lead solo by me and we then collected our trophy and went back to the gazebo to get ready to go home.
For the 3rd year in a Row Tokoroa Intermediate has won the Intermediate age division, Out of 4 teams playing, we had 3 placings 1st, 2nd, 3rd= We were very greatful to Hamish Allen for setting up his gazebo and giving the year 8’s tips to beat the year 7’s.

Kristyn Rayner ( Room 10 2012) 

Athletics eliminations

300m final featuring our Reina 
At lunch time the school has athletics eliminations, this means we run events  like the 200, 300, 1000 and 1500m. The 200m and 300m heats are held in houses and the fastest qualifiers go through to the finals.The 1000 and 15000m are straight finals.
Congratulations to Justin - who ran a great race and was the winner of the 1000m and also the 300m and to Jayden 1st in the 1500m and 2nd in the 1000m.
James for 2nd in the 1500m, and also to Reina and Jaxon who have come 4th in many of their races.
300m final- good Room 10 representation 

great running from  Jussy / Jutdog / Justin 

Room 10 upgrade

Over the holidays Room 9 and 10 were upgraded - our old cupboards and benches were replaced, our front wall changed, we got a  new carpet and whiteboard, and our ceiling painted. While this was going on we 'camped' in Room 11 for a week. Mrs Puke appreciated the help everyone gave as we shifted backwards and forwards.

Bell and Becs - in charge of the poster cupboard
Jaxon improvises and fixes the shelf
Brad and Ryan sort the maths texts 
back in Room 10 again
our new look front of class - 
featuring Miss Tahere, our Student Teacher.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jaxon's Scary Narrative

A great scary narrative written and illustrated by Jaxon ( just a few commas and full stops not quite right !)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Term 3 in Room10

Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Bonjour, Cher bro! This has been a great term for Room 10 we have done Sex Ed (sexuality education) learnt about puberty and all the changes you go through, don’t worry the girls and boys split up into different classes for these lessons!

Another thing we have been focusing on this term is Science. At the start of the term we were studying candles, burning and matter. Did you know that if you put a glass jar over a burning candle it will run out of oxygen and will eventually go out. Why you may ask? well candles (well anything really) need 3 things to produce a flame those things are: Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. The heat is the lighter or match, the oxygen, well its everywhere, we would be dead without it, and the fuel is the wax.

 Room 10 were lucky enough to have had a student teacher, Mrs Harpur join us for four weeks. She’s strict when you misbehave, but very kind otherwise. Mrs Harpur has been teaching us about onomatopoeia which is when the word is nothing more than the sound that it makes. For example screech.
 She has been taking science and now we know the key features of a spider or insect and we have been outside finding creatures and examining them finding their group: either insects or spiders or another things.

 Each term we have interclass sports, this term we had netball. We had some very tough competition but Room ten have a very good bunch of netball girls so we got into the final against room 18! It was a great game and ended up with a result of a tie which meant we have to share the trophy for the rest of the year! The trophy has joined our collection in the window (room 10 2013  are really good at sport!)

 We have been lucky enough to have Life Ed’ (Shelly and Harold) come to our school and teach us about peer pressure and choices you have to make during your life. We make hundreds of choices a day! But are they all good? Some of them can be encouraged by peer pressure, not all peer pressure is bad some of it can be good. Some other choices we make can really affect our health. For example drugs, drinking and smoking.

On Tuesday the 24th of September our school had our second school social. Most of our students think it was better than last terms social that was mainly because we had a new DJ.

 Kirsty and Jess