Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A New Uniform for 2021

 The school uniform is changing (there have been a few changes over the past decades) and the one that will be worn in 2021 is definitely a great looking one. 

So here it is modelled by some Room 10's...

Star Teina

For the past year, the school has been taking part in an inaugural programme geared towards The intermediate age group run by the Graeme Dingle Foundation - Star Teina. 

Primary school's have the Kiwi Can programme and High schools run the Star programme to help students with the transition into Year 9. "By helping our young people build resilience, self belief and life skills, the Foundation's programmes empower them to succeed and overcome life's obstacles."   

The class attends Star Teina lessons once a week, run by two former Tokoroa Intermediate students Koni (an 'old Room 10) and Curacao, and this year have been learning about perseverance, resilience, growth mindsets and  “supporting our friends rather than judging" - lots of fun activities including the 'supportive circle of life and limbo dancing to help reinforce the messages..

Term 3 Attendance

This year with Covid 19 has been a challenging one, we came back to school on May 11, after Lockdown. Despite the difficult times and a Covid scare here in Tokoroa in August, Room 10's have had a great attitude to their learning and by the End of Term 3, had the best attendance in the school - 90%+.

They were rewarded with an 'all-expenses-paid ' class lunch. Pizza and cake ( the latter made by our dedicated Teacher Aide Brooke - she was a former Room 10 and features in some of the original Blog posts!) 

Pink Shirt Day 2020

Everyone was encouraged to wear a pink shirt to school on Friday 16 October to raise awareness of the impact of bullying and the importance of kindness. Room 10's got right into the pink theme, including a performance at Assembly...