Friday, June 27, 2014

Nevada presents her friend Te Amorangi

Class Councillors have to present "a friend" to the school as one of their duties. Today was Nevada's turn - she introduced Te Amorangi...


 and the powerpoint that accompanied the speech.

  Nevada's Friend

Room 10 ruled Assembly today...

Today's Assembly belonged to Room 10 ( and some of last years Room 10's too) Chloe was one of the House Captains in charge, The Ki O Rahi interclass competition winners were the old Room 10's - Room 8, and Room 10 2014 won the Year 7 Competition - certificates and trophies were presented for these teams.
the winning Ki O Rahi team
Best Book Awards were for Cooking - well done Karma Ray and Kiana for Most improved and Best books respectively:
Karma Ray  - most improved book
Kiana - Best Book
Chloe the Hobson House Captain presents Kirsty with a Year 8 Best Book certificate  

Nevada our Class Councillor who introduced her friend Te Amorangi:

and Kiana was the guest speaker. Kiana is passionate about treating animals with love and respect and she spoke about her recent visit to an elephant sanctuary

Kiana talks about an Elephant Sanctuary

the powerpoint Kiana made to accompany her speech

  Kiana's powerpoint

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Anzac Diaries

Finally our Anzac Diaries are finished, these show we know how to write a diary - they had to include factual information, thoughts and feelings of the character and contain "Anzac" vocabulary.
In Reading we are looking at the features of non fiction texts so a challenge was to include appropriate pictures from Gallipoli and write suitable captions. In Social Studies we created maps of Gallipoli so we had to take a photo of these and  insert them into our page as well...

Anzac Diaries

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Some Year 7 students have been attending extra Technology classes with the Tech Arts teachers, Zak and Shakira showed us what they've been making:

B Group have been going to Art / Music with Mrs Kingsley for the past 2 terms, Tokoroa Intermediate is lucky to have someone as talented at Art as Mrs Kingsley -  anyone who has eaten at Alberico's restaurant in Tokoroa knows how clever she is. They have learnt about shading and sketching...

Making Anzac Biscuits

As part of Room 10's study on Anzacs and the events at Gallipoli we've learnt about the food the soldiers ate. C Reading group learnt that the good old New Zealand favourite - the Anzac biscuit was  'invented' during WW1,and they were made and  sent to the troops by family members. We're sure the soldiers enjoyed them a whole lot more than their Army biscuits.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Describing a Gallipoli soldier

Last week Room 10 learnt to write a description of the Gallipoli soldiers and nurses they had  'created'. To do this they used some different perspectives - number, size, shape, colour, texture (feelings), and position. A sentence was given for each of these and then ' modified' to add more interest and detail. Today we put together a quick demonstration to show Kani and Brooklyn what they had missed when they were away sick.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

More rations

Kiana kindly brought in some NZ Army rations for the class to try.( her brother is in the Army) this was the perfect chance for Room 10 to compare and contrast the food soldiers ate in 1915 and 2014. The only thing we found they had in common was tea and cheese.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Anzac Soldiers's Lunch

As Room 10 are learning all about a significant event in New Zealand history - the events at Gallipoli. They will be writing a series of diary entries from the character they created last week, so to help develop their understanding of what life was like for an Anzac soldier today they ate the food the soldiers ate at Gallipoli - rock hard army biscuits, jam and bully beef...

Food Technology: A Group create a dessert

A Group have been going to Food Technology since the start of the year, recently they have learnt to make hotcakes and crepes. They have had to use the skills they learnt with Miss Duffin to create a dessert using one of these recipes, they  had to plan and design it - decide what extra ingredients they would need and then today - create it. Here are the finished products...