Friday, October 30, 2015

The Rugby World Cup

As the All Blacks are playing Australia in London for the Rugby World Cup on Sunday morning, Room 10 showed their support by painting their nails black....

An old Room 10 boy Sean Maitland played in the World Cup for Scotland - sadly they didn't make it to the finals too. 

Maybe in another 10 years there could be another Room 10 boy playing  at the World Cup.  

Similes and Metaphors

In order to write great scary narratives, Room 10 have been learning about Literary Devices, using similes and metaphors will certainly make their their writing far more interesting...

As part of this weeks homework, the class had to watch The Brazillions  'Similes and Metaphors'  video to help them understand the difference. These boys have caught onto the catchy tune fast ...

The real version is a little more tuneful ....

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Making Choices in the Life Education Caravan

Room 10 have just finished 3 lessons in the Life Ed' Caravan with Liz and Harold. They've  taken part in the Making Choices programme.

The key messages in this programme were:
  • The best decision is an Informed decision.
  • The choices we make have consequences, positive and negative.
  • There are different influences on our choices.

What we learnt in the Life Ed’ Caravan: 

Every decision (Choice) comes with a consequence.   Brodie

Every decision you make can make a pathway, but sometimes it can be a bad pathway.    Maddi 

One choice can affect a lot of people.   Anton

Consequences and decisions can either lead you to a good life or a bad one – depending on what choice you make.   Faith

Learning about making choices is good because when you get older you have to make big choices.   Chanel

I learnt what choices are what the consequences are, and that making a choice can lead to another choice and another …    Lucas

Choices can be big or small and if you choose wrong there’s a consequence.   Kiana

You could get cancer when you smoke. / cigarettes cause cancer   Pita, Jackira

That every day you make heaps of choices.       Pita

Drinking can make people relax ( and sometimes not make good choices)       Starden

Using drugs can have long term effects.   Carmen

Every choice you make can have a good or bad consequence.    Riley

Your brain smells like blue vein cheese (and is as soft as a ripe avocado)     Thomas, Brodan, Anton, Jackira

Alcohol can kill germs.    Hunter

Your brain has a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere/ there are two brain sides.    Saige / Taliyah

Drinking too much alcohol can cause you to go into a coma.       Jackson

Don’t smoke because it’s bad for you and don’t get drunk!    Abi

About making choices – the positive and negative sides, and that alcohol can make you fall asleep!  Zarah

Making choices is very important  and you make choices every day without knowing.        Melissa

Some great Spider and Insect Reports

As we had been learning about Classification and in particular Arthropods, we finished Term 3 writing an information Report on a Spider or Insect of choice. Spider and Insect Reports 2015 Orange Kneed Spider Report White Tail Spider Report Dragon Fly Report Praying Mantis Report Black Tunnel Web Report