Friday, July 27, 2018

A great site to help with your Maths skills

Today I was contacted by the makers of this site - some great resources here to help improve your maths skills and understanding at home:
Especially useful for different ways to practice the speed and accuracy of your basic facts recall.

The Anzac Competition

Every year at Tokoroa Intermediate there is a competition for the Anzac Trophy, it is awarded to the student who submits a piece of work that best demonstrates an understanding of events the Anzacs took part in during WW1.
 Hannah not only created a realistic Gallipoli character with links back to her South African origins, and wrote a great Remember poem from the point of view of a Nurse on a hospital ship at Gallipoli, but she also carried out a great Inquiry into a real Anzac soldier as part of our Walking with an Anzac study. She started with an artefact  and her subsequent research told the story that accompanied the artefact - in this case, a series of telegrams.
Her winning entry: