Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally we beat Room 12 in an interclass game....

This was a good week for the Room 10 touch team - Porche was given the job of selecting the team, she  picked her players well, on Thursday they beat Room 16 and today finally they beat our arch rivals Room 12...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Laura Totton our new Masterchef!

Laura arrived in class this morning, with what Room 10 described as " the best cake yet" .... the tastiest, stickiest, definitely most delicious chocolate cake ... a great energy boost after an afternoon of Rock 'n Roll !
Now we all want the recipe...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mufti Day and Cycling Certificates...

Today was our first mufti day for the year, the money raised goes to charities. This year the fashion trend was 'skinny leg' jeans worn low ( as shown by Sheydan, Lawrence !)
Room 10 ( minus Kristyn -  she's wearing her mufti in Los Angeles)


surely the silliest way to wear your jeans yet?

Lunch time sport this term has included Cycling events, Cameron won the Year 7 Cycling Pursuit and Michael the Junior Boys Cycling Time Trial

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rations for lunch...

Today we had a taste of what the soldiers had Gallipoli had to eat - Army biscuits, cheese, jam and bully beef. Unlike the soldiers our 'rations' were fresh and we didn't have to contend with dirt and flies...
Today I had my first soldiers lunch and I thought it was disgusting. I would feel scared eating that food, because the biscuits would break your teeth and you would feel sick. We had it fresh, but it would be gross with mud and a side of flies.       Sarah

Today’s lunch would have been much better than what the soldiers ate at Gallipoli, because our food was fresh. I didn't like the soldier's lunch because I am a fussy eater. The army biscuits were hard as rock. I feel sorry for the soldiers that had to eat such disgusting food every day.      Laura

I hated it, I feel so sorry for those who had to eat it. If I had to eat that every day I would die!I am happy we only had to eat it once- I can't wait to get those Anzac biscuits...              Porche

I thought the biscuits were as hard as rocks, they were so disgusting. I feel sorry for the soldiers. The corned beef was really salty, I haven't eaten corned beef by itself - I usually eat it with spaghetti.          Jevon

Today when we had a Gallipoli soldiers lunch I thought the biscuit was hard as rock and the corned beef was yuck. I didn't like the biscuit because I chipped my tooth. I don't think I would have survived being a soldier in the war with that the only thing to eat!       Jake

Today we had a soldier's lunch. We had jam, cheese, corned beef and hard biscuits. The biscuits were rock hard and tasted weird, it was horrible. The corned beef was yummy, luckily it wasn't warm and yuck like the soldiers had them. The jam and cheese were nice- I bet they tasted worse at Gallipoli, but it must have been better than nothing.                        Katie Mae

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friday ICT class...

Every Friday Jevon, Sarah and Thomas go to extension ICT (Information, communication technology) with Mr Knapman. First we made funny videos with their faces. We did this by making a lot of funny faces then putting them into a movie. The programs we used were photo impact 8 and ulead gif animator.
Last week we made stickman movies by making their stick man look like it was walking or flying. The programs used were paint and ulead gif animator.
Unfortunately we have been unable to download the movies made onto the blog, but these are some of the photos we distorted when making the movies.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thomas Bates - Masterchef and his competition!

Thomas Bates ( or Batsey as he is sometimes known as) arrived at school today with his specialty 'upside down cake' - those who didn't rush out to play touch / rugby after lunch got to try some ...

Timothy   was observed eating rather a large amount of the cake – he commented” it was like being in gummy world heaven… it was scrumptiouus”
Michael's verdict “ very nice 9/10 it would have scored higher had it not contained brown sugar”
Thomas pictured earlier in the week after creating crepes in his Cooking lesson.... Keep it up 'Batsey',N.Z Masterchef 2020?
Thomas' culinary expertise has prompted others to share theirs - Grace showed potential (maybe a future NZ's Hottest Home Baker ?)and shared her batch of afghans.

Abby approved of them...

and not to be outdone Michael sent in proof that he too has culinary skills ( evident in the following picture!)

Today Monday 14 May, Lakyn and Kristyn arrived bearing ... chocolate cakes! Joint efforts - Abby helped Kristyn and Lakyn had guidance from her Nan. The class got to vote on Best Appearance and Best Taste... this time round Lakyn was the winner!

15 May and the competition continues ...Kristyn teamed up with Taylah this time and the class were treated to some rather delectable bicuits!
Grace is back - with her "vanilla cake" - Room 10 sure are getting some delicious lunch treats these days .... Thanks Grace - it was as good as it looked!


The Gallipoli Story...

Summarising the main events at Galliopli


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Di is back!

Room 10 has a Reading Tutor called Di, she has been our Class Reading Tutor for many years. Every  Wednesday Di gives up her time and comes to school to hear children in Room 10 read. She is quite a character and makes reading FUN!

Di with Porche, Sheydan and Mana

She is sooooo funny, because she does things that make me laugh. She has an answer phone message about her chooks!!    - Porche

I go to reading with Di, this was my 2nd time, she is such a cool reading tutor – she makes me laugh the way she communicates. We read about hunting pigs. -  Mana

It is cool, mean as, today she gave us peppermints and I did do some reading, she helps me when I get stuck, but as she can’t see very well I had to spell the words out to her.   - Sheydan

Di pops up in Room 10 every Wednesday now - the highlight of our week, she also comes to support her friend Mandy who is taking the syndicate for Zumba lessons ...

Di is always greeted with enthusiasm and some of her boys have been teaching her the haka!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Playground and our Champion Tug Of War Team

The playground at Tokoroa Intermediate has just been given a make over, and new equipment added. This is a popular place at school and today some of Room 10 made the most of the opportunity to have a good play on it...

Our champions - very proud of their trophy and certificates:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Survival Island ... we get rescued!

Room 10 Survival Island Rescues… After 5 days of  co-operating in our teams of four, we had to decide on our rescue from our islands. Some people were saved in the weirdest of ways.
We had to prepare a newspaper report on how we were  rescued.

THE WINNER was…. Crusoe Island and not so far behind Land of the Lost,3rd place Mystery Island, MaHawaiian island in 4th, Swagtastics in 5th, 6th Unknown,  and last but not least in last place was Shipwrecked.
That ends our game now we had a lot of fun and survived Jevon’s questioning! .