Sunday, April 7, 2019

Our school PB4L expectations

Tokoroa Intermediate is a PB4L  school - Positive Behaviour for Learning.
We have expectations for behaviour in a variety of situations around our school, following them can earn students a TIS  (Tokoroa Intermediate School) Award, and earning set numbers of these results in TIS Badges - Bronze, Silver and finally Gold.

This year Room 10 decided to create 'Instagrams' to show what some of these expectations look like:

Some of our Favourite Places

Writing a descriptive recount about a favourite place was a Term 1 writing task, it involved using the descriptive detail approach favoured by Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey, two of New Zealand's gurus on writing in schools.
Using lots of good descriptive language makes for interesting writing:


Term 1 started with a lot of hot summer weather, so what better science topic to start the year then one on Hydration - the class learnt what this is and gained an understanding of how hydration works. 
This involved some rather interesting experiments: 

Mobiles 2019

Creating mobiles is the first task assigned to Room 10 students, these help create our classroom environment and tell us more about each other, here are this year's mobiles :