Friday, August 31, 2012

Life Ed' 2012 and "Stop, Drop and Hold!"

Thanks to our resident computer expert Thomas for creating this for Room 10

On Thursday the 30th of August we had an earthquake drill, we had this drill so that we can be prepared for an earthquake in Tokoroa. The whole of New Zealand will be doing this drill. We had to drop onto the ground, get under our desk and hold onto them because if you didn’t hold on the desks would fall over. Remember if you find yourself in an earthquake drop cover hold, and don’t panic. If you do panic take deep breaths and try to avoid falling debris while you find cover.
Michael Swanson.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Everyone in Room 10 has begun using MyPortfolio to create an online portfolio.
This Portfolio provides a personal learning environment to record and show evidence of achievement,  and show what we are learning at school. We have been scanning the certificates and reports from our Achievement folders and putting these in our portfolios, we have created profile pages, added our 'friends and created a page to show the learning we did in Terms 1 and 2.
Our portfolios can be accessed at home and shared with our families.

we can log in at home or school

we can add pages...

we belong to the Room 10 group and can add our friends

here we can show certificates and awards we have received  and copies of our reports

we can show work we have done in class

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cross Country 2012

Last Thursday was the school cross country, Juniors had to run 3 laps of the course around the school. Everyone in Room 10 entered the Premier races. Porche was our best placed girl and got 3rd. Cameron just missed out on 3rd in the boys event and came 4th.
Well done to all those who got in the first 20 and to everyone else for 'giving it their best effort.'

Porche, Cameron and Timothy got to represent the school at the Waikato Intermediate Cross Country event in Hamilton on Tuesday 14 August. Laura made the team too but she chose to stay at school and take part in the New South Wales Maths Test.