Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prizegiving 2011

Finally it was Prizegiving day - the Guest speaker was a New Zealand author called Ann French.
Many certificates and awards were given out:, from our class certificates were received for:
Room 10 Class Awards: Jemaine, Iva, Josie and Christian
Year 7 Art: Nicole and Shaquille
Year 7 Home Economics: Nicole
Mathematics: Demosson and Jonas
Exceptional Performance in Art: Ben

Sporting Excellence: Junior Boys Cross Country Trophy: Jack

Te Toko Matauranga Ki Nga Mokopuna O Tokoroa: Kowhai
Kapa Haka Award: Kowhai

Most of the awards go to Year 8's and from the Room 10, 2010 class there were some big award winners:

Kieran Cantwell Trophy for Endeavour in Sport: Brent

Miranda Snell Cup for Tenacity: Brooke was co winner
Maitland McCurran Cup for most Dedicated Netball Cup: Katarina and Camryn

The Stobie Cup for Soccer: Jacinda (co winner)and  the Welch Tropy for Materials : Cole
Senior Girls Swimming Champion: Rylie and Senior Boys Cross Country: Lloyd
 but it was Danielle and Boss who were the big winners:

Boss pictured with some of his trophies for Senior Boys Athletics Champion, Most Improved Athlete, the Arthur Dewes Memorial Cup and the Principal's Trophy for Scholastic Improvement

Danielle had a great prizegiving and received lots of certificates, she also was awarded the Senior Girls Cross Country Cup, and the Robertson Cup for Sportsmanship. She was named Proxime Accessit ( 2nd brainiest!!) and then got the top award - Te Tino Tangata for General Excellence.

Our Year

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ten days 'til Christmas 2011

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michael Chopra went to a Braille Learners at Primary School Immersion Course.

I woke up and had a shower and then got dressed.  Then we left to meet Isobel in Hamilton.  When we got to the hospital we went to see my dad.  Then we met Isobel at the hospital.  My mum helped her pack the suitcase into her car.

Then we left for homai.  We were not very late but we had holdups with roadworks.  Isobel had to take an alcohol driving test.  Then we entered homai it was very big and we had to get directions to the emersion classroom.  When we got to the emersion classroom we got to learn more about each other.
Then we had morning tea in the pohutakawa room I had a box of juice and a packet of chips.
When everyone had finished morning tea we went back to the classroom. We were given time tables of what we will be doing.  We all read a page of the time table I was not very nervous.  I was told I was a very good reader when I was told that I felt very happy.
Then we had lunch and I enjoyed it. Then we had free time.
Michael Chopra
playing gator ball with his friend Chrizel

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The End of Year Social

A few social photos - hard to find the Room 10's in the crowded hall...
Michael - definitely the best dressed boy at the Social

Nicole  and a friend from the 'other side'  

Good to see the glow sticks are intact this time Karine lol!

Brooke and Boss from the class of 2010

what the social is all about... fun! Ben, Tiare, Tamati and ... Boss


Nevada and Danielle - 'old girls' from 2010

Room 10 Fun Day

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lunch at Raukawa and our DVD premieres

Yesterday Room 10 walked to Raukawa to have a shared lunch and watch our Ki O Rahi legend that we had filmed during our time at Papa O Te Aroha. It didn’t take long to get there but it was really hot.
 When we arrived there KC and Nicole had already prepared our lunch. It was a nice healthy lunch and we watched the opening of the Ki O Rahi tournament  while we ate. After that we watched the finished version of the Ki O Rahi legend. I was very happy about how it turned out. It looked far better than I had imagined and the audience might now get a better understanding of what it’s about and how the game started.
By Iva Placid

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Di - Our Reading Tutor

Di is Room 10’s Reading Tutor. Di is a little short person and when she comes into class, she always talks about Zumba, she has lots of fun at Zumba
We are supposed to read with Di, mostly we don’t read we talk aloud I really enjoy reading or talking to Di – she makes me laugh a lot!
I like going to Di because we talk and talk and talk its cool and as she is a reading tutor we also read but most of the time we talk about our weekend and what we had done in the past week or day. It has been a pleasure reading with di Bell she had a great personality and by far the best reading tutor I have had. THANK YOU DI !!!!! J J xx
I like going to Di because she is funny and cool, she makes me laugh when we are talking.
Now that this is the last time to see her I will miss her very much and I enjoyed reading with her. And Di is the beast reading tutor ever THANK YOU DI XOXO
Di was very funny and was a very good reading tutor and I really miss her thank you very much for helping me read and thank you for listening to my stories thank you Di.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waikato Intermediate Athletics - Porritt Stadium, Hamilton

On Tuesday our athletics team travelled to Hamilton by bus to compete in the Waikato inter intermediate competition at Porritt Stadium.
Room 10 was represented by:
Jonas Pomare in the cricket ball throw and discus,
Kowhai Te Kanawa in the Junior Girls relay team,
Shaneya Ihaka in shot put, cricket ball throw, sprints and the Junior Girls relay team
David Dewar in the 1000 meters and the Junior Boys relay team.
Christian Ria in the 1500M.
It was a good day out. We saw our old rugby mates, had a chat with them, met new people and had safe and noisy trip home.

Christian and David – (and proof read by Jonas)

Featuring past and present Room 10's...

Kowhai getting some relay tips from Freeman (Room 10,2001)

 our old classmate Winston showed up representing Fairfield!

Joy 100m heats

Our Junior Boys Relay team = 3rd placed

Danielle - Senior Girls Relay

Tiare - Senior Girls Relay

Senior Boys relay...

Daeshaun comes 2nd in his Senior Boys 200m heat

Christian lines up for the Junior Boys 1500m

Christian - hard work the 1500m on a hot day!

Boss  - Senior Boys Long Jump

Boss 3rd Senior Boys 1500m

waiting for the winners to be announced!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Papa O Te Aroha Marae - Memoirs 2011

 The Mattress Room 
My eyes open as wide as they can; my eyes stared at the door saying Mattress Room. I loved the mattress room like a fat boy likes cake. I open the door I feel like a missing piece of my heart had been connected. I was lost but found. I was a rat in a cheese factory. I ran in flipping off the mattresses. “Come in,” I said to the others.
Five years I have waited, the drought has broken. 
By Christian Ria
 The Ki O Rahi Legend                                       
Wow! I thought as I saw Tim Monga-Pita bring in all the cameras in. It felt like I was a star about to shoot a movie. I saw the huge microphone Jonas and I had to use. It was as tall as me. KC said you had to be silent because it could pick up the slightest whisper.
We were filming the Ki O Rahi legend, and I was extremely nervous. Everyone was so quite you could hear a pin drop. “set and ACTION,” she would repeat over and over until we got it right. I was rather exhausted after all the takes we did. But I shouldn’t complain, the actors had to do the hard work. Hopefully this is the last one I kept thinking to myself. ”ohh I sighed as she said” one more,” about five more times.Now I know what Hollywood star have to go  I thought , making 1 to 2 hour movies only ours is about 20 minutes.
”Cut! “She called. I honestly could have dropped to the ground with relief. 
By Iva Placid
There were like five giant mountains of dirty plates and a big long stream of cups. Splash, splash!  the mountains were falling into the water. Scrub, scrub they were getting washed by Mrs Neho and I.
The five giant mountains were washed and dried. It was time to wash the big long stream of cups. At last the mountains were crushed and the stream was destroyed. Thank God for Mrs Neho.
By David Dewar

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Food Technology (Cooking) and the Relay Cup

On Monday the annual syndicate relays were held between Rooms 9, 10 and 12, the class with the most points at the end of the 6 races( teams were ability grouped!) won the Syndicate Relay Cup... Mrs Puke is pleased it is back in Room 10...
Shaneya crosses first for the girls

Room 12 won the premier boys race - Room 12 supporters = very happy

Shaq happily accepts the Syndicate Relay Cup for 2011 from Braydon
Food Technology