Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rakau Tu- another traditional Maori game and our end of term Social

KC Maaka, our local Raukawa iwi Health Promoter  returned to Room 10 today, she talked about Matariki and read the class the Legend of Rahitutakahina. It was pretty interesting, it includes a  taniwha, the giant eagle Namu and patupaiarehe. KC is going to work with our class next term to dramatise this legend... that'll be a challenge for us!
She also taught us another game Rakau Tuu, this required a lot of concentration and quick reflexes. Jemaine was the best in the finals!

Nicole 's Great Grandad

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 10 A Busy Week Here in Room 10.

This Week has been a busy one here in Room 10. We have been finishing our Whakapapa and they are awesome.

some of our finished Gallipoli Diaries

our whakapapa

We have to write an information  report about a significant day we chose  like St Patricks Day , Valentines Day and Christmas..... and we are going to have to create a digital presentation to give to the class on our chosen day too

In Assembly on Thursday The Brass Band played some National Anthems to the whole school. Sadly there is no one from our class in the band, it is taken by Mr Noel Saunders, he has been taking the band for many, many years. It costs nothing to join and you even get supplied with an instrument.
The anthems played were:
God Defend New Zealand (NZ)
God Save the Queen (UK)
The Banner of Freedom (Samoa)
Advance Australia Fair (Australia)
The Star-Spangled Banner (USA)
one from the Netherlands
La Marseillasie (France)
All these Countries are participating in the Rugby World Cup.( I think they did a very good job.(Collette)

Mr Saunders and the Brass Band

Yesterday at Singing Assembly, we had Whaea Awhina teach us some new maori songs because it was  Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori  Maori Language Week. We learnt Wairua o te Puna and He Kakano.

Over the last week Room 10 have had Constable Louise in talking lessons  about bullying- Kia Kaha. Today we learnt about stereotyping people.

Constable Louise and some of the class
This Friday Was Muffi Day. It was for the Blind Appeal so we had to dress up colourful.We all brought $2 to donate to the Blind Appeal so that they can buy things like canes, Pac mates and Braille machines to help people who are blind.
This is something Room 10 has a good understanding about  because our Michael is blind, he has a cane which he uses to help him find his way around - he is really good at getting  around our school now and  he has a pac mate to help him do his school work with.
Michael and his cane
the colourful crew

well maybe not colourful but certainly original...

Kody the pig hunter!
In Assembly today our Guest Speaker was a former pupil of our school- Cameron Petley. He used to be in Freyberg House!
He talked to us about his recent appearance on TV's Master Chef programme. He also donated a cook book from the show to our school library.

a VERY  proud Valeska, one of our Freyberg House Captains and Cameron Petley

Cameron Petley telling the school about being on Master Chef

Written By Collette :) Captions By Logan.