Thursday, January 24, 2013

School starts in 5 days ...

Kia ora Room 10 2013 students not long til school starts back, for those of you who wish to get your stationery organised  so you are ready to work on Day 1 - here is the class stationery list and written in yellow are the subject headings for each book.

Enjoy your last days of holiday - see you all at 8:50am on Tuesday 29 January...

MA4 x 2 – Maths

1B8 x 10 - sometimes called WA8 for Reading, Language, Spelling, Draft x2, Publishing, Science, Social Studies - Maori , Health, Information Centre - Essential Skills 
14B8 Lined refill x 1

1B4 x 1  for ICT

1B5 x 1 (this is the only book that must be covered = Food Technology)

40 page clear file x 1

Manilla Folder and clip

and of course, a pencil, rubber, ruler, red and blue pens

We do not use felt pens in Room 10, so coloured pencils only.