Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Term 1 Newsletter

Term 1 is almost over and our Syndicate sends a newsletter home to let parents know what we've been up to all term. This Term's report for Room 10 was written by Avania and Andrew:

Syndicate Newsletter - Room’s 9 and 10.  Term 1. 2017
Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava Greetings from Room10
This term both Room 10 and 9 settled in quickly. We made new friends and learnt about our teachers ( Mrs Puke Room 10 and Mr Noke Room nine) Once we were settled in our teachers made sure we what rules we have and why we have them. This took about two weeks and once Mrs Puke and Mr Noke felt confident about us knowing and following the rules we moved on to a new topic.

Our teachers started off by seeing what our prior knowledge is like then we began our study with insect & arachnid anatomy. We chose an insect or arachnid and researched it quite thoroughly. During this study we ventured out to the playground and tried to find and classify all of the different types of bugs we discovered, which brings me to the present where we are writing detailed reports on our chosen creature e.g Huntsman Spider, Monarch Butterfly, Glow Worms, Ants etc

While all of this was learning was going on many of the other classes went on trips, sport teams were organised along with extension groups such as language, Maori, maths and Mandarin. There was also lots of testing so our teachers had an idea of our academic prowess. During our maths section we covered addition, subtraction and multiplication algorithms along with estimation. Sadly our extension maths children are now at extension so they don’t join us during our maths time. We have a basic facts test every Friday as a bit of a recap. Next term we plan to cover more advanced maths such as fractions and decimals.

As far as Writing goes Room 10 started off with a piece of writing about our favourite place and we got some fantastic pieces of writing out of every student from both classes. Extension Language begun in week 6. Our teacher is Mrs Long and as we all know she used to teach in Room 12. We have been learning about simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences for the past 2 weeks. Here’s an example of each: The Chihuahua is  caramel-brown. (simple)  We have a rooster and he lives in a tree. (compound) My kitten Sox, always fights with Pebbles our puppy. (complex).

Sport has been a big success for Room 10 as we were the winners of the interclass sports
and are currently polishing up our Ultimate Frisbee skills after refining our cricket and softball skills.
On the final formal assembly Principals and Deputy Principals were awarded to many students by Mrs Mariassouce and Mr Fisher to star students

Written by Avania and Andrew

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Create an Insect

To end our Spiders and Insects Classification unit in Science, the class completed an activity from the ARB's (Assessment Resource Bank), this showed their understanding of the features of an insect:

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Win in Inter class Touch

Our class touch team  won all their games in the Year 7 Inter class lunchtime competition, lots of  sporting talent in Room 10 this year and 7 of the class were selected to represent the school in the Waikato Intermediate Touch Competition. There the boy's team came 3rd and the girl's 3rd.

Room 10's winning Touch team 2017

Olo, Caelys Paul and Callum - Boy's Touch Rep's 2017

Brooke, Avania, Tayejah and Nikora - Girl Touch Rep's 2017 

Kahoots and Catch Phrase

Once a fortnight, after Assembly on a Friday afternoon, Room 10 do a Kahoot. These Kahoots cover the work that's been done in class and the class read aloud text.
So lately it's been all about Ride of the Katipo by Stu Duvall and Classification - Spiders and Insects.
These are pretty noisy sessions as the winners start to emerge and they also give some good information as to who has a good understanding of concepts covered and what needs some reteaching. It also shows who listens when it's reading aloud time ...

This game is good for developing oral language skills, Catch Phrase. The object is for players to get their team to guess a word or phrase by giving as many clues as possible, without actually saying the word  itself. As soon as a word is 'guessed' the playing disc must be passed to the opposition - the team holding the disc when the buzzer sounds - loses!

The Get New Zealand Writing Project - our partner school.

Our partner school for the Get New Zealand Writing project was Pukerua Bay, it's situated down on the Kapiti Coast near Wellington. They used an app called Aurasma to tell us a little about themselves, and their teacher said some kind things about us on social media too...

Thanks Pukerua Bay!