Friday, June 22, 2018

Recipes from Ua Pou and Room 10

Last week our epals in Ua Pou in the Marquesa Islands sent us some recipes - food they like to eat. This week the class created  'recipe slides' to share with them. 
They were asked to find recipes for food they eat at home, food that they enjoy, food that represents their cultures, foods that are unique to NZ - we included some Pacific Island recipes so our epals can find similarities with theirs: 

We also took some pictures of where you get coconuts and fish in Tokoroa. 

The Annual Anzac Soldiers Lunch

Last Monday the class had an Anzac soldiers lunch. Bully beef, cheese, jam and hard tack 'soldiers' biscuits. This was followed by a treat - fruit cake (this was a new experience for many in the class). So why did the class get to eat the rations of 1915? So they can get a better understanding of the food Anzac soldiers ate at Gallipoli.

Here's what the soldiers thought of their food:

So what did the class think of the food they ate?

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Writing descriptions of 'WW1 soldiers and nurses'

In Social Studies, and Reading the class have been learning about World War 1 and some of the New Zealanders who went to fight at Gallipoli and the Western Front, this knowledge was used to create some Soldiers and Nurses who have just 'joined up'...