Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We recognise positive behaviour and effort.

At Tokoroa Intermediate we like to reward effort, success and positive behaviour. Success and effort in class result in receiving either an Achievement or McDonald's Award and getting your name read out and getting to stand in front of the school in Friday Assemblies, so your hard work can be acknowledged.

 The McDonald's Award comes with a free Big Mac voucher as our local Tokoroa McDonalds owners sponsor these. We are really grateful for their sponsorship - 12 classes x 40 weeks means they generously supply $2880.00 worth of Big Macs this year! Thanks Mr and Mrs Byrne.

 As part of our school's PB4L programme (Positive Behaviour for Learning) following the school behaviour expectations can get you awarded a TIS award - when set numbers have been collected a TIS Badge is awarded; Bronze then Silver and finally Gold.

 TIS Awards aren't given out lightly in Room 10, however almost half the class now has their Bronze Badge and one Silver has also been awarded.

 Here are this term's Badge and Certificate recipients. Well done to all of them. Keep up the great behaviour and effort in Term 2...

Monday, April 18, 2016

So what did we learn at the Museum ?

At the end of every visit to the Museum, Mark gets the class to dress up as soldiers - this is  always a highlight, just like playing on the tanks outside the museum it seems...

The Army Museum

On April 14th the class traveled to the Army Museum at Waiouru to learn more about the events at Gallipoli and find out more about New Zealand's war history. As usual Mark the Education Officer made sure our day was not only educational but he also kept everyone entertained.

After a busy day at the Museum, there was a stop off at the Taupo AC (remember Room 10 this stands for Armed Constabulary) Baths on the way home.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tokoroa - Our Town

    Mya, Lucy, Jadene and Michaela went out and about in Tokoroa and gathered pictures to show our epals in France,Italy and Taiwan, that Tokoroa is a pretty cool place to live...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Memoirs 2016

Some great Memoirs have been written and we've tried a new way of presenting them too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A New Zealand Author visited

Today Maria Gill, a New Zealand children's book author visited the school and spoke to us about her new book Anzac Heroes (it's pretty cool!), other books she's written  and what being an author involves.
It's not everyday you get to meet a real live author and Room 10 later  showed they all learnt something.  Maria  also kindly donated some books to our school library.

Behaviour Expectations

Our school has a set of behaviour expectations - how you are  expected to behave in the classroom, the playground, in the library, at Tech Arts and Assembly.
The class created their own examples of these to show how it should be done. Following the expected behaviour makes for a safe and happy school.
Thanks to Mya and Lucy for directing and producing the finished product. Apologies for the wind noises in some outside scenes...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Term 1 Tech Arts

One of the good things about Intermediate School is Tech' Arts. The first half  of the year sees A Group attend Food Technology  (Cooking)  and ICT  and B Group goes to Materials and Art / Music. 

The Cooking group has learnt to make garlic bread, Russian slice,  rock cakes, scones and stuffed baked potatoes. Meanwhile in Materials there has been a whole lot of learning about the tools in the Materials room and some wind chimes and wooden stirring utensils  have been made.

The ICT group have furthered their computer skills and have been using google slides, the Art group are currently working with pastels and creating an island themed design. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

You Win Some - You lose one. Inter class Softball

The interclass  competition for the year started with softball, Room 10 had some very talented players - especially our short stop - first base combination of Christian and Juliyah.

The first 4 games proved easy wins but unfortunately the outfield catching skills of Room 16 and the ' curse of the Top Field' ( we played all our winning games on the Bottom Field diamond) meant a loss. 

Three teams tied with one loss and a countback of points scored for and against gave the final win to Room 16 and we drew with Room 9 as Runners Up.