Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The End of Year 2020

School finished for 2020 on December 16, as always the last two weeks are busy ones:

Prizegiving and these two were big winners on the day

To see what else Room 10 got up to before school finished:

All the best for High School Jordy, Kaden, Zoe, Caitlyn, Keira, Boston, Seth, Nooroa, Eze, Justyce, Konnar and Lukas.

Year 7's - you are now the Year 8's 
I'll see you Tuesday February 2. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Welcome to Room 10 - Year 7's for 2021

The 2020 school year is almost over - the Year 6's have visited and learnt about their new school and class for 2021:

The Athletic Sports and Waikato Intermediate Athletics


Julius, Renata, Grace, Joan, Jazalia, Eze, Maia and Flynn qualified to represent the school at the Waikato Intermediate - Middle School Athletics competition in Hamilton on 1 December 

We had the most successful day there in many years:

Tokoroa Intermediate was placed 2nd overall.

The following Room 10 athletes were placed in their events:


Flynn Osbourne  - 3rd Junior Boys High Jump

Julius Ale Kaitai -  Ist Junior Boys Shot Put, 1st Discus     2nd Overall Junior Boy


Ezekiel Ruaporo -  Ist Senior Boys Discus


The school Athletic Sports: November 12  2020

The weather was fine after days of rain and Room 10's had a very successful day, the highlight was Julius breaking a 37-year-old record, held by a boy called Aaron Puke since 1983.  To add to this great achievement was the fact that the teacher running the discus this year was Aaron's mother, she was delighted to be there to see the record broken. 

Julius - 1st Junior Discus and Shot Put              Renata - 1st Junior 60m, 100m, 3rd 200m

Flynn - 1st Junior High Jump, 2nd 60m, 100m       Maia - 1st Junior High Jump     

Nooroa - 1st Senior High Jump    Grace - 2nd Junior Discus      Joan Ist Junior Shot Put

Takurangi - 3rd Junior Shot Put     Kiera  -  3rd Junior High Jump   Keira - 2nd Senior High Jump

Ezekiel  - 2nd Senior Discus. 

Thanks to our school caretaker Mr McPherson for these great action pics. 

The 2020 Marae Stay

 This year's stay was a big success - no fence painting but instead we learnt about bees, went on a paddle steamer, and had a great time at Tamaki Village...

Matua Razz came to the Marae and shared his knowledge of beekeeping with us, before we went to the Marae we had to do some research on bees:

Matua Razz used to be a school teacher (Mr Rasmussen). Mrs Puke and him taught together at Tainui Intermediate back in the day, He was a school Principal before he retired - so he knew all about making his bee talk interesting. We sent him a padlet back to thank him:

Thank you so much for sending those delightful letters of thanks. I was really interested to read that some students in the class likened their classmates to the male bee aka “drone” lol. Then, not totally unexpected, the number of boys who now know that Guard bees carry machine guns and machetes!! The students in your class showed humour and respect along with a genuine interest and what was happening. 

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them, answering their questions and visiting your class afterwards. It is not always easy to create that nice tone in a class of year seven and eight students. 

As an ex Principal, it was great to see a room that was a visual symphony of students work. Awesome.!!!

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