Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Term 3 Newsletter

Room 10 Newsletter; Term 3
Woosh! Now that is the sound that this term made since it took off from the 24th July and whizzed by so fast ending on 29th September. During these fast 10 weeks Room 10 have been getting up to some pretty interesting things. Here is a flashback of Term 3 in our class.

We kicked off the term with a trip to the space centre in Te Awamutu where we met Spaceman Dave, an expert on space. From this we learnt a whole lot more about our solar system and brought that knowledge back to use in our science topic on space. On this trip Spaceman Dave blew us to the moon with the amazing facts he shared. Here  we went on a trip into space with the virtual reality headset and met little green aliens on a scavenger hunt.

Week five and we were introduced to the wonderful Whaea Kelly. Kicking off the first week with Whaea Kelly she got to know us and how our brains ticked. Lessons began to be taken by Whaea and they were AWESOME! A few weeks whizzed by and before we knew it, it was Te Wiki O te Reo Maori week. Karakia’s, Energizers and Kupu of the day was all so much fun we didn’t want this week to end. Almost forgot, we learnt about whai,  and what they were used for in the olden days. These were used to tell stories to the younger ones and to communicate. To start our lessons for Te Reo we would begin with an Energizer. Whakarata, clapping games would be so much fun. We all laughed when we were learning the game Kotahi and focused so hard on being accurate in Paki Rima. The week ended with a wero against Room Nine in Kotahi and the test on what we had learned in our previous days. Phew! This week was fun and challenging! Thanks to our Whaea Kelly who taught us these amazing energizers, kupu and karakia, which we can now pass on to other people.

In Week Eight Ali, Caelys and Jadath headed off to Aims Games to play basketball. They played extremely well and earned 2nd place, losing by 19 points to an Auckland team. The team made our school, families and community proud. While the boys were shooting 3 pointers in basketball Callum was playing a hard game of rugby. Some of the boys got injuries but are still alive. Thy rugby team came 11th and made our school proud for their effort and work also. Well done boys!

Oh, speeches, how horrible, speeches. “Sigh.” This would be something in weeks 7 to 9 that we found on the daily time table most often. We wrote these using the hamburger layout: top bun (introduction), filling/ the middle (all of the information) and last but not least the bottom bun (conclusion). We drew out the order that these would be said in and slowly we started to deliver them every one of the speeches were great, from here we chose five people to go into syndicate finals and face room 9. The chosen ones were Avania, Andrew, Ashleigh, Cade and Kupa who all did an amazing job. Congratulations to the two from our class who have made it into the school finals; Avania and Kupa.

To end our term we had a social and boy oh boy was it great. Sadly we didn’t get to see Mrs Puke break out any of her dance moves but we definitely saw Nikora busting her best moves and guess what, at the end of the night she ended up winning best dancer! Before long the social had come to an end and it was time to leave.
And that’s the recap on our term, which we all enjoyed. Hope everyone has a great holiday before the next nine weeks of school in Term 4.

#ROOM 10 #IS AWESOME # FUN!!!                                                                      Avania and Jordyn

Gif making

Miss Stephenson, one of our Tech' teachers taught the class the art of gif making: 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori 2017

This year the class were really lucky, we had a student teacher in Room 10 who is passionate about Te Reo Maori.
Whaea Kelly took daily lessons - we learnt a lot especially the following:
* a whakatauki and word of the day
* to play Kotahi and Whai,
* to work as ropu to pronounce our pepeha - whakapapa  and deliver it:

* to say how we were feeling
* and  to recite a karakia  at the start of the day


* and we listened to Dave Dobbyn's new version of "Welcome Home: in Maori:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ko Ruma Tekau Tatou

September 11-15 was Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori, and we were lucky enough to have Whaea Kelly take lessons. Everybody learned and presented their Whakapapa...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stop Motion with the Tech' Teacher's

Every third Wednesday afternoon, the class have technology with Mr Wild and Ms Stephenson, they've been learning to use play dough and stop motion animation ...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Using Flipgrid

The class have been using Flipgrid to 'talk to their epals. They've learnt about the solar eclipse from epals in Chicago, USA, and sent and received greetings and introductions from Daejeon in  Korea and Mordelles in France:

Planet X

To follow on from our visit to the Space Centre the class have created imaginary planets, used the green screen to 'get into space', created maps of their  'solar systems,  and written a narrative to describe their journey to their planets....