Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

The 2016 School Production- Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

This year's school production was Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. 
It was directed by Mr Creigh Smith and Mrs Lazar and featured many Room 10's from the class of 2015  in lead roles, or in the choir.
It was good to see Caleb (a Baghdad citizen), Jordyn (a Bongo Bandit), Elise (Clementine the Fruit Seller) Antony in the choir and Mya (Fatima the Fortune Teller) take the opportunity to get involved as Year 7's.
A great show, with some wonderful lines and lots of laughs...

Term 3 Certificates and Badges

Each week at Friday Assembly the positives are always acknowledged - McDonald's and Achievement Awards for attitude, great work, effort, improvement in class. Best and Most Improved Book Awards, T.I.S Badges for following the school's Positive Behaviour expectations, Sports and Cultural Certificates and ... chocolate if you are lucky enough to get your name drawn out of th box for following PB4L's weekly expectations.

Here's Term 3's recipients:( turn the music on)

Writing a scary narrative

This term the class have been reading scary narratives, they've not only learnt about the features of a narrative ( an orientation, complication and resolution) they've also leant about what elements help make a story scary.

 This knowledge was transferred into their writing.

Here are some of the results:

Scary Writing

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Candles and Burning

Room 10 have been learning about the states of matter and what happens when a candle burns. They now know what a candle needs to burn and they  have learnt about changes that take place during burning -  physical and chemical, permanent and temporary.

Some good learning took place:
  • When paraffin wax is burnt it turns into paraffin gas (I thought it turned into smoke)
  • The wick doesn't burn it's the gas that is burning.
  • That if you blow out a candle and relight it not by the wick by smoke.
  • What your relighting is that the paraffin that is now a gas
  • Candles need oxygen to burn otherwise if it doesn't have oxygen it wont be able to keep the flame going
  • Candles burn because of the paraffin and the melting wax mixing with the oxygen and and its a gaseous state
  • If you place your hand over top of the burning candles you can feel heat but if you place your hand around the sides you can feel no heat.
  • If a candle was to be lit in a space shuttle it will form a spherical kind of shape.
  • A candle is normally made of paraffin
  • Paraffin is made out of 2 different atoms carbon in the middle and hydrogen around the outside
A KAHOOT was used to test knowledge learnt. Follow this link and try it:

To end our study the class conducted  investigations:

Isla and Juliyah investigated whether colour and fragrance affected the rate a candle burns at:

Christian, Caleb and Jared investigated whether a frozen candle burns differently to a candle of room tempertaure: They took observing very seriously! 

We found out the frozen candles  burnt slightly faster than non frozen,  but the non frozen produced more melted wax than the frozen candles. The  frozen candle had a smaller flame than the non frozen candle. 

Isla M and Ivy Jean investigated whether wick size or material affect the way a candle burns. 

We learnt that the thicker the wick the more wax it absorbs. and the different size wick did affect the flame size.The more wax absorbed the bigger the flame = more fuel. 
The thick string worked the best and the nylon string just shriveled up and died as soon as the  flame touched it.The wool wasn't very good - it only burnt for a little while. 

Jadene, Cortney and Keyana investigated whether candle size affects the size of the flame and the rate of burning

We found that the size of the candles doesn't affect how much wax has burnt. We burnt the candles for the same amount of ime then weighed them,  each of the candles had lost 0.1g each even though they are all different sizes.The bigger candle had the tallestflame,we think this was because of the wick. 

Taylah and Lucy investigated whether bees wax and paraffin candles burn differently

We used candles of the same sizes and burnt them for a set time, we observed the beeswax candles burned faster and brighter than the paraffin ones. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Get Wise - Financial Literacy

This week we had Jacqui from the Get Wise Programme run by the ASB,  come and take a lesson on Financial Literacy.

It was lots of fun, we learnt about:

  • The minimum wage, taxes and what they are spent on, having an IRD number, jobs - and  how your qualifications and training can affect how much you earn.
  • Saving for things and the difference between needs and wants.

Then the class was split into two teams and played a game about involving an imaginary holiday, cash vs credit cards, currency conversion, having travel insurance, and reading the small print.

Thanks Jacqui for making leaning about money so enjoyable...

Chatter Rings reappear

It's been 5 years since chatter rings last appeared in Room 10. These were a big hit in the mid 90's and could be heard all around the playground. Izzy and Teruruku know how they work ...