Monday, February 21, 2011

Room 10 Are The Champions!!

our 5th victory
 We played our final game of softball against Room 12 on Thursday. The score was 20-4 to Room 10.  Lorenzo amazed us with 2 great short stop catches in a row. While all of our team were star players the best was Jonas he got lots of home runs.There was lots of team support.

Big thanks to Mr Straw for being our umpire for the game.
Mr Straw our umpire
Swing it Shaneya

swing drop and run!!

Whopps I missed the ball

!!friends forever!!

Free walk

what a funny photo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 3 Inter-class Softball

This week our class team played in the Year 7  Softball compettion. The team is : Ben, Shaneya , Kowhai, Jemaine, Jonas, Shaq, Talon , Winston and Lucky.
Our first game was against Room 17 we won 14-1. Star players were : Shaneya , Shaq and Jonas who ran lots of home runs.
Our second game was the semi-final against Room 9, the class next door. We won 10-7, everybody played well, it was an excellent team effort.

Wait Isn't this meant to be softball not dancing? .

The Team!!

Fly ball be free

Make it a home run.

swing for it JONAS!!!!!!!

Look at the ball - look at it - YOU CAN STOP LOOKING NOW.

Swing it Kowhai !



pitch it "shaq attack"

"AYE thats not right"


This is a real Pitcher!!!

This is NOT Golf !

Team support!


Talon and Kowhai

where did the ball go?
 Tomorrow is the big final against Room 12 our arch rivals.

"LET'S GO ROOM 10!!!!"