Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gallipoli Diaries 2016

To show understanding of the events at Gallipoli the class had to write a diary entry for the soldier they created. It had to reflect their understanding of the events at Gallipoli and be written in diary format:


To finish of the Gallipoli - Anzac work, a collaborative technology challenge. The task was to create the tallest poppy. It was judged on - freestanding, height, and the diameter of the poppy.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tupu Rahi

Kasey Maaka from the Raukawa Charitable Trust,  has worked hard in schools in the South Waikato over the past 6 years, revitalising some Maori traditional games - Tapu Ae and Ki O Rahi.
Room 10's have always enjoyed our sessions with Kasey - last week she taught the class her new game Tupu Rahi; a progression from Tapu Ae to Ki O Rahi.

EOTC -at the Te Awamutu Aquatic Centre

After learning so much about Space at the Space Centre last week, the class headed to the Livingston Aquatic Centre in Te Awamutu for a swim. There they also discovered  the adventure playground and the perils of the 'hamster wheel'.
Following our visit we received a pretty special email, doing the right thing and using manners pays off.


Anzac and WW1 Inquiries

As part of our Social Studies unit on Anzac's and Gallipoli, the class were set the task of carrying out an inquiry into an aspect of our study they wanted to know more about. They could work individually or collaboratively and had to present their findings to the class.

Social Studies Inquiries

WW1 Inquiries

Saturday, June 11, 2016

EOTC - The Te Awamutu Space Centre

On Thursday, Room 10 spent 3 hours learning about Space - so many aspects of it; our solar system, our galaxy, space exploration- especially the International Space Station.

 All of this was in a small building in Kihikihi with Dave, who is incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of Space.
Between sessions, the class got to play on interactive activities - such as practicing landing a module, and finding out their age and weight on other planets, look at real space memorabilia and many more.

Here's a look at some of what we did at the Space Centre. The challenge for the class was to explain what was happening at the start of the video and then to name the song and singer that followed...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Army Biscuits for lunch.

If they're going to write diaries from the point of view of the Gallipoli soldier they created, the class needed to understand what the food they ate in 1915 in the trenches was like. Many turned their noses up at eating bully beef and unlike many at Gallipoli back then - No teeth were broken eating original recipe army biscuits today.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Mya introduces Jadene to the school

One of the tasks a Class Councillor has to do is introduce a 'friend' to the school at a Friday formal Assembly. This week it was Mya's turn and she intoduced her good friend Jadene:

My Friend Jadene

Room 10's 2015 Class Councillor Hoana Rose was one of the Freyberg House Captains hosting this Assembly. 
House Capatains have take turns to organise a Guest Speaker for Assembly. Hoana organised a Tokoroa High School teacher Mr Beau Tahau, not only did he speak to and sing to the school, he brought the Tokoroa High School Choir with him and we were lucky enough to hear them sing

Cross Country 2016

The rain finally cleared last week and the school Cross Country was held. Room 10 all entered the Premier Race and ran 2  1/2 laps of the course,  Lucy was placed first and is now the 2016  Junior Girls Cross Country Champion.

 Jadene and Caleb were both placed 2nd.

Overall the class did well getting an impressive 11 places in the top 40 Junior Boys and Girls events.
Michaela 4th
Caleb 5th
McDonald's to celebrate success
Freyberg House were the winners of the House competition.