Monday, November 18, 2013

The Syndicate Relay Cup is Room 10's (again!)

Last week the classes in our Syndicate  ( Rooms 9, 10 and 12 ) had their annual relay competition for the Syndicate Relay Cup .... and luckily for Room 10 2013 they carried on the tradition of winning  it ...

He Honore- our waiata for the Marae

Whaea Awhina taught us He Honore so we can sing it at the powhiri at Papa O Te Aroha this week.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Writing Information Reports

In Written Language, we have been writing information reports on spiders and insects
 We knew we had achieved this when we could:
*Write an opening statement that starts with a classification
*Organise factual information about various aspects of the subject (description, food, lifecycle, habitat etc) into paragraphs
*Use diagrams, and illustrations to add interest to our writing
*Use appropriate ‘scientific’ language
*Finish with a concluding statement about the topic

  Here Are some of our finished reports created using Power Point

Cicadas Lice The Black Widow Spider The Tunnel Web Spider Cicadas The Large Spiny Stick Insect The New Zealand Glow - Worm The Monarch Butterfly Wetas Head Lice Tree Weta The Dragonfly

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Extension Technology - Food

For the past 2 terms some kids from our class have been lucky enough to attend extension ICT, art, materials and cooking every Monday.
In cooking we have lately been doing our foreign food booklets, which is when you and your partner pick a country each, learn about it and pick a dish that is made/ significant to that country.
I did Germany, and found out that Germany’s full name is Federal Republic of Germany and the population is 81.1 million people (in 2011). We cooked our partners dish one week and ours the next. We also cooked some of Mrs Duffins recipes from all sorts of places around the world.
We are almost finished making the booklets.
It has been awesome learning those extra cooking skills with Mrs Duffin and we are glad we still have many more weeks at extension cooking!

Kirsty Parker

Use DropitToMe to send in work you do at home

To send work in to class we are now using DropitToMe

click on the link to access our class drop box and upload work you do at home :

The Notice Board

Last week Shauna, Madison and I decided to write a letter to our Principal, Mr Thompson. We wrote about the notice board by the hall  that's never updated, the letter simply asked if we could take responsibility to update it weekly and that the board needed it.
After a few days of waiting anxiously, Mr Thompson got back to us. He thanked us for using our initiative and said it was a great idea.We presented our ideas to the school during Friday Assembly.
On Monday 4 November Madiscon got some colourful borders and I  went and printed off newsletters  and notices. I also printed off some photos from the recent Ki O Rahi Tournament to show people who didn't attend.
We are enjoying being in charge of the noticeboard.

Reina Treadaway