Saturday, May 16, 2015

Skyping our Epals at Ontarioville Elementary School

On Friday many in Room 10 arrived at school early (7:30am) in order to Skype with their epals at Ontarioville Elementary School in Illinois, USA. they live about 30 minutes drive from the city of Chicago.

Milan and Elijah wrote a report about it for the school newsletter:
This morning Room Ten Skyped their epals, they live near Chicago in the USA. We had some trouble pronouncing names but it was still lots of fun! We had to arrive at school around 7.30 to 8.15 am because of the time differences between us (they are 17 hours behind us). 
We introduced them to Mr Knapman and they said Wow!! is that a real beard, so of course we said yes. We all got a turn to talk to the children. It was cool because their accents were awesome and they liked our accents! Before this skype session they sent us some gifts such as Magnets, Candy, and an awesome Chicago bears ball!! and even over t30 hand sanitizers, we sent them Whittakers chocolate. 
We have been writing to them since the beginning of the year it has been a really cool experience for us in Room Ten. Epals are awesome!
Written by: Milan  Edited by: Elijah 

Gallipoli Characters 2015

Our Gallipoli characters:
Thanks to Maddi for finding the old style font, (click on a profile to read it more easily).

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Parcel from our Epals

For the past term, Room 10 have been writing to their epals who live Chicago, we've sent them Whittakers chocolate  and some books on NZ - today we received a parcel in return. Thanks Yaris Aayala and students  - we loved it! 

When the Mrs  Puke brought the packet in I was sooo excited to open it. I really enjoyed making the sticky lollipops that Justina sent, and  it was funny watching the boys eating the chili lollipops. It was cool how we sent you our flag and you sent us your flag, I thought the football was awesome go the Chicago Bears; I think we will have fun with that.   
Thank you so much for the parcel our class really enjoyed it. Riley

 I think that the football was cool because that’s the first time i have seen a real football like that.
I think that it was a bad idea to volunteer to eat a spicy lollipop because it smelt like play dough and i didn't really like them.
I like the smell of the hand sanitiser.  Lucas

 Wow!!!  as I look up, the teacher had a box I was thinking what is that ? I said to myself cool it is the lollies from our epals as the teacher opened the box, it was full i was so happy and i was thinking what are we going to eat it looks so nice so i got the gum it was so nice but i had to eat it before we went outside. Later I got one of the lollipops - they were nice. Abi

 I put my hand up for a chili lollipop it was a big mistake, I licked it, bad mistake again.
I’m sorry but it really tasted horrible. I like that you sent us over an American football, I have one as well already. I’m so jealous i didn’t get to taste the other lollies.  Jackson

 Today we have shared out the Peeps and they were nice, we got to see the Football I was like wow!.  I got a hand gel. I got a blue one and it smells pretty good. Then it came to the Mexican lollipop. It was not good. It smelt like play dough. I could not have a bite. I was watching the others eating the other lollipops; I was thinking man i should have chosen to have that. Pita

 I loved our parcel we got from you. I liked the Chicago Bears football once I watched them play and it was confusing. The magnet pictures and money was interesting.I got a Cachepgui slapper; they were sticky but very nice.
 Today when we got the candy I thought that the sticky lollipops were delicious but the yellow ones made mine and other people’s teeth and tongue go yellow. I also liked the Peeps because they are so yum and I haven’t had them in ages. Also the football, mini flag, the photos and coins were cool and the hand sanitiser smelt really nice.
Thank you for all of the things that you sent us the candy was really nice and the hand sanitiser and stuff was cool too.  Taliyah
Thanks so much for all the stuff you guys sent us.
I really liked the Peeps it was my first time tasting them
they were so delicious I wish they would sell them here.
I also loved those big feather lollipops i had Strawberry
my tongue and teeth turned red.

Once again thanks for the package.    Elijah
 I think that the parcel was really interesting. My fave thing was the lollipop thing, but it was really funny because my teeth and tongue turned yellow! The lollipop tasted like mango I would really liked to have tasted the cola flavour.
I also liked how you sent us the American money. At home I have Japanese money. I am also keeping the nice hand sanitiser you sent us to use because we don’t have any soap in the toilets.  Maddi

Thank you guys for all that stuff. I like the hand sanitiser it smells nice. We had to pick what candy I got a chili lollipop blah they are spicy and yuck I wish I got the other one. I like the mini flag and the football was cool.