Thursday, May 24, 2018

Anzac Biscuits

As part of our Anzac study, the class made Anzac Biscuits.
In pairs, they had to find an Anzac biscuit recipe, compare the ingredients with the other recipes brought in, and reduce the quantities of the ingredients ( 13 batches of 24 -30 biscuits was too much for the Food Tech'   room ovens to cope with!).

When making their biscuits they had to measure quantities carefully and follow the method in the recipe. There were some interesting results :

Brian Falkner visited.

Brian Falkner a well known NZ author spent the day at the school recently- he worked with groups of our more capable writers and spoke to the school at Assembly. He’s a seriously nice guy, a great author and those lucky enough to spend time with him today learnt lots.

Andrew from the Room 10 2017 class, hosted Assembly and introduced Brian to the school, he also wrote a report for the school newsletter:

Our Time With Brian Falkner

 On 11 May, the extension language groups of Tokoroa Intermediate  
 had the rare opportunity to work a best- selling author. This   talented man is named Brian Falkner, his most famous work being ‘The Tomorrow Code’. He began his lesson by telling us about his  
 passion to write and read books, it was always a dream of Brian’s 
 to have his name on his very own book in a library, to achieve this
 Brian had to push through with the pure power of tenacity for three
 decades in order to be noticed by a publisher and finally achieve
 his lifelong dream. One of the many, many things we learned while 
 Brian taught us was the actual concept of a story. We were taught   that in order to make a story immersive was to use emotions of the   reader. Mr Falkner also spoke to the school assembly.
 A big thanks to our school librarian Mrs Van Der Putten for   arranging for this author to come and spend the day at Tokoroa 
 Andrew W 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Our School Murals

Last week, Room 10's B Tech Arts group were lucky enough to get to show the local newspaper reporter  our new school murals:


Our Caretaker

Our school caretaker is quite a character - he's only been with us since November '17  but what a difference he's made to our school. He is always working:
He paints, he mows the lawns, sports field boundaries  and our running track, he cleans us around the school - puts the bins out early in the morning and gets them in at the end of the day, he lifts stuff , he fixes things ( no daughty door in Room 10 now!), he sprays the Onehunga weed so no-one gets prickles in their feet at PE and Sport anymore, he climbs on  the roof to get balls and frisbees down, he comes in after hours if security calls...
But there's more to Mr MacPherson than meets the eye....

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Writing to epals in other countries is a part of our class writing programme; 'writing to socialise'. This year Room 10's are continuing correspondence with a school in Tarascon in the south of France

and learning about life in Ua Pou in the Marquesa Islands way out in the Pacific Ocean, both schools learn English as a second language...

click on this to read 

Learning your Times tables

I was recently contacted by the makers of an educational website - it seems they had looked at the Room 10 Blog and thought we might like to add a link to their Times Tables practice website.
So here it is - well worth using to practice those tricky tables like the 7x, 8x and 9x

The National Army Museum - EOTC April 2018

Room 10's have been visiting the National Army Museum in Waiouru for a long time ... a couple of decades in fact.

It's always a fun trip and lots of learning takes place. Mark the Education Officer makes learning fun - this year the class took part in the Rations and Army Medics programmes.

Actually Room 10's 2017 feature on the Army Museum website advertising the Medics programme!

So what did Room 10's learn and enjoy about their time at the Museum? 

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Walking with an Anzac

We were lucky enough to receive a wonderful Anzac - WW1 resource from School Kit  - the same people who created the Get NZ Writing project and the Hydration unit the class studied last year. 
This resource is amazing - authentic looking copies of real WW1 artefacts and a website that assists in finding out who these men/women were and their stories. Lots of learning has already taken place and over the next few weeks more will be discovered about these New Zealanders of 100 years ago.

Thanks School Kit!

Here's what we've found out so far ...   

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Metaphor poems and our paired class...

Room 10 was paired with another Room 10 for the Get New Zealand Writing project - Room 10 at Whangarei Intermediate. They sent a very colourful poster and some great metaphors, and their favourite place at school was .... the canteen, just like ours (the Tuck Shop aka the canteen!)

Writing metaphors was part of the project - here are the class metaphor poems: