Sunday, August 28, 2016

Space Inquiries

After the class visited the Te Awamutu Space Centre, they looked at an aspect of Planet Earth and Beyond - Space, that interested them. They could work collaboratively or independently and had to present their inquiry findings to the class. Skills used were: information gathering and sorting, referencing, putting information into own words, finding suitable illustrations or videos to help with explanations. Here are their presentations and videos they selected:

  Phases of the Moon



  The Space Station, Black Holes, Galaxies and Comets

Space Station, Comets, Black Holes and Galaxies

Mars, Apollo 13 and Day and Night:

Mars, Apollo 13 and Day and Night


  Matariki Presentations 


Monday, August 15, 2016

Cup Cake Day 2016

 Cup Cake Day - held every year at this time and organised by our very dedicated Teacher Aide Mrs Neho. She dedicates hours to the making of cupcakes, setting up the hall, motivating students to bring along their cupcakes and supervises the selling of them.
It wouldn't happen without her. The grand sum of $871 was raised for the local SPCA.  
Room 10's supported well, especially Antony, Isla and Taylah who made cupcakes. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A whole new galaxy discovered...

The planets have been discovered - some in very interesting ways, they contain some weird and wonderful creatures and the local newspapers reported on the arrival of the Room 10 'aliens.'

Planet X

Plant X 3

Planet X

As part of the class Space study, we created imaginary planets.
We 'discovered' these. they were made, named and painted, then some imaginative writing was done...

Reporting back on the National Young Leaders Day

At the end of the Term, some of the House Captain's presented a video they had made to the school. In it they share some of the messages the speakers gave when they attended the National Young Leaders Day in May:

Term 2 Badges, Awards, Certificates and Chocolate

The Term 2 McDonald's and Achievement Award winners, The Year 7 Interclass Basketball Winners, a couple of Best /Most Improved Book Awards, lots of TIS Badges, a couple of blocks of chocolate won in the PB4L Draw, Attendance Awards, Principal's and Deputy Principal's Awards = lots of reasons to be happy...don't forget to turn on the sound.