Thursday, July 6, 2017

Term 2 Room 10 Newsletter

Our Exciting Term 2 in Room 10
Yet again we have had another AWESOME term! Exciting adventures have lead us to different experiences. Again we have had a busy, busy term with a trip to the Army Museum and new learning techniques. Here is a recount of our term…
Writing: In writing this term we have been writing memoirs, creating a soldier and Anzac diaries. First, we started off with memoirs. These have turned out extremely good and our Dictionary. Com (Andrew Wilson) showed a whole lot of flair in his piece! Once we had finished memoirs we moved on to writing about life as an Anzac soldier. In this writing period we had to write a description about our soldier. These turned out really good, so good it was as if this person was real! Finally, we ended on Anzac diaries. These were emotional, humorous and factual, they were all amazing!

 Reading: So still on our ANZAC topic, we have focused on reading war stories and learning more about what happened in WW1.   As war is non-fiction we have also been finding out about non-fiction text features.

Tech Arts: It’s been a fun term of Cooking, ICT, Art/Music and Materials.A group had a delicious time at cooking making yummy recipes such as Finnish Fruit Plait, Mini Carrot Cakes and Apple Slice. Thanks, Ms Stephenson. In I.C.T we had an educational experience learning about sensors and had a cool time making animation slides. Many thanks to Mr Knapman for teaching us these learning strategies. 
In B group we have been learning new techniques in art such as toning and shading we have also gained skills from Mrs Kingsley on how to play the keyboard. In Materials, we made pencil cases and remote holders using different tools such as Planes, Tenon saws and files. Again many thanks to our Tech Arts teachers.

P.E: It must be the luck of Room 10. Once again we had an exceptional win in the interclass ultimate frisbee, a big thanks to the team who played for our class!!! Moving on, what we have been focusing on for the past few weeks are our skills in Tapu Ae and Ki O Rahi.

Our newsletter now comes to end, as well as Term 2! Enjoy your break and hopefully, you will come back with stories about your holiday and heaps of energy to learn much more things with our lit teacher Mrs Puke! Thanks to our wonderful teacher aides Mrs Shelldrake and Mrs Neho who have come and assisted us when we were troubled! Goodbye until Term 3!

Avania, Page and Jordyn

Word Clouds using Tagul

To practice spelling their Anzac vocabulary the class used Tagul to create word clouds:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fact of the Day

This year we have some talented class members who find and Illustrate a Fact of the Day for the rest of the class to read, here is some of their work ...