Monday, November 30, 2015

Marae Stay 2015

At the end of November every year, Room 10 spend two nights at our local Marae - Papa O Te Aroha.

This is always a special time for the class - a good way to learn about the marae; to take part in a powhiri, find out some of the stories the carvings tell  and to explore examples of culture and heritage- the kowhaiwhai and tukutuku panels.

Te Rauparaha

The class spend time together, take part in the educational programme at the Te Awamutu Museum, go to the movies and walk back to the marae late at night and then play spotlight.

They eat together and all sleep in the wharenui - and the stay is finished with a swim at the local pools. Good times ( not a lot of sleep )

Monday, November 23, 2015

Scary Narratives 2015

Room 10 have been writing scary narratives - 'the haunted house' needed to appear in each story;
In Written Language, we wrote  a
Scary narrative

We knew we had achieved this when we:
       Used the narrative features – orientation, complication and resolution to organise our ideas
 Included some scary elements in our writing – fear and suspense.

·Expressed our ideas imaginatively using appropriate ‘scary’ vocabulary.

 Used a variety of different sentence structures –simple, compound, complex.

·Included literary devices - some similes, to make our writing more interesting.

 Used speech marks to show dialogue correctly.

·Edited  our ideas to improve our writing.                                
 Proof read what we write for accuracy.     
Scary Narratives

Our Calendar is finished

Finally our calendar showing life in Tokoroa and New Zealand  is finished - and we're pretty pleased with it. It's now on it's way out of New Zealand and heading to classes in France, Italy, Korea, the USA and to some special friends in Yilan, Taiwan - Mrs Candy Wengs class. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Leadership Course

Last Tuesday 12 of the school leaders attended a Leadership Conference  in Rotorua, among the 12 were several old Room 10's who are now school House Captains.
The Conference was run by Grip:

GRIP Leadership is an independent organisation that commenced in Australia in 2005 and exists to train and develop leaders with a special focus on school students. We are now operating in New Zealand.
The GRIP team are specialists in the area of student leadership and presenting sessions that are highly interactive and directly applicable to the situations that students face at school every day. The ‘GRIP Student Leadership Conference’ is a one-day event held in numerous cities across several  countries and is enjoyed by tens of thousands of students each year. The central focus of the conference is equipping student leaders with practical ideas and skills  which will allow them to make a significant contribution to their schools.
GRIP Leadership is a values driven organisation. The core values below represent the heartbeat of all GRIP Leadership staff and volunteers.
GENEROSITY: Willingness to use what you have been given (time and resources) on behalf of those you seek to influence.
RESPONSIBILITY: We all have a responsibility to develop what we have and help others to live well.
INTEGRITY: A commitment to truth and honesty in dealings.
PEOPLE: Every human being is of great significance, and has a purpose to fulfil.

Scarlett tries her hand at Paper, Scissors ,Rock

Kiana got to take part in some very entertaining role playing ...

Under the Mountain

Under the Mountain is a book written by a well known New Zealand Author - Maurice Gee. It has been made into a TV series ( in 1981) and a movie (2009) It is  New Zealand Classic - Room 10 have had it read aloud to them and have watched the TV Series

Mr Wilberforce - the villain

The book Under the Mountain has many wonderful literary devices in it, room 10 spent some time illustrating some of these to better understand similes:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ki O Rahi Tournament 2015

Tuesday saw two teams travel to Putaruru to take part in the annual Raukawa Ki O Rahi Tournament, this a is a busy time at school -  lunchtime Athletics and lots of paperwork to be done  meant there was very little time to practice. Luckily KC the Ki O Rajhi expert, came in and gave the teams a training session last Friday - so we went, optimistic we would do ok. 
11 teams took part and some great sporting skills were evident in both teams,  they  made the semi finals,  the Year 7 team  was placed 4th overall and the Year 8 Team ( both teams featured many Room 10's past and present) played the top points scorers Putaruru 1 in the final.

After a great game  Tokoroa 1 emerged the clear winners 22-11,  and  the Nga Taonga Takaro Trophy returned to Tokoroa Intermediate for the 5th year in a row. . 

A big thanks to KC Maaka from Raukawa for introducing this traditional Maori  game to our school,  and to Hamish Allen for his expertise in managing the #1 team (yet again!)

The Winning Team


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Athletic Sports

Room 10 took part in the Athletic Sports this week. The distance events - the 1500m,1000m and  300m, 200m and the Cricket Ball throw all took place at lunch times over the past few weeks.

This meant the students took part in the High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, 60m and 100m on Thursday. For some there were also House Relays.  

Faith was our best performing athlete - placing 1st in the 300m, 2nd in the High Jump, 60m, and 1500m and 3rd in the 100m

Hoana - Rose 2nd Cricket Ball Throw

 Aliana - 2nd Shot Put
Brodan 2nd Long Jump

 Starden 3rd Discus and Shot Put

Emma 2nd 100m 
Carmen representing Hobson House