Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Army Museum and the AC Baths

Room 10 also learnt the real meaning behind the AC Baths- the Armed Constabulary had a blockhouse there next to the thermal pools, they used this blockhouse to guard the roads from. So they now know the AC doesn't stand for A Cold bath or Air Conditioned bath!

End of Term Awards and our Easter Draw

Easter this Weekend and school finished today until May 5, in Assembly  today the Principal's and Deputy Principal's Awards were given out by Mr Thompson and Mr Fisher, these are awarded to those who display a positive attitude and have worked hard all term. It was not easy to select only 6 students as almost everyone in Room 10 has worked hard this term.
Principal's Awards: Nevada, Bethany and Bailie
Deputy Principal's Awards: Jeremy, Scarlett and Sharnee
Kani got the final Achievement Award for Term 1

and Ellie - the McDonalds Award
Easter this weekend - so to end the day, the Annual Room 10 Easter Draw. If you hadn't been to 'Finishing School' you were eligible and names were ' drawn'
Congratulations Tina, Jack Sharnee, Shontelle, Bethany and Cora - it was your lucky day.




Information Reports

It's a long trip from Tokoroa to the Army Museum at Waiouru, so Room 10 learnt not only how to set out an information report but also something about the places we passed by on the way. These are some of the reports written:

Information Reports

End of Term Report by Cora and Nevada

Room 10
For the past 11 weeks Rm10 has been successful in sport winning both the Soft ball and ultimate Frisbee cup. We have just finished our syndicate sport and with Rm10 group A at first place with a total of 31 points and Rm10 group B with a total of 30 points, unfortunately   Rm10 did not Win the tug of war cup but we will win the next trophy.

At the start of the term we were working on what a memoir is, a memoir is one event from your life  that you turn into a short story, the process was not easy but eventually the whole class finished at a   high standard.  

In science we have been learning about the 4 states of matter there is solids, liquids, gasses and plasma. One of the main focuses for our lessons is burning candles , we melted the candles ,we burned the candles , but most of all we observed the candles. We have learnt that in order for a candle to burn it needs 3   key ingredients they are oxygen, fuel and heat, the fuel for the candle is the wax, the oxygen for the candle is air and the heat for the candle is the flame.

 Rm10 is lucky enough to be able to have access to sumdog, spellodrome, study ladder, epals and drop it to me.   As you all might know sumdog is a maths game to help with subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.Spellodrome is a spelling website to help with spelling. Study ladder is another spelling website.  Epals allows us to message people from overseas like from Russia and USA. Drop it to me allows Rm10 to do homework and send files safely to Mrs Puke  at home saving time at school.

As part of our social studies for next term we had to do an information report about a place on the way to Waiouru. Yesterday most of Rm10 had the time of their lives because we were at the Waiouru army museum. We learnt a lot about Anzacs in Gallipoli and how world war one started. We will be learning a lot more about Anzac day and the significance of the red poppy. After wards we travelled to the armed constabulary baths AKA AC baths .
By Cora and Nevada  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Soccer has started ...

Tokoroa Intermediate is lucky to have David Wilson and Colin McLean coaching our school soccer teams. Today they organised friendly games at Strathmore Park ... good to see so many Room 10's past and present taking part.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Epals in the USA

This week Room 10 started emailing a class at Ontarioville ElemEntary School near Chicago in the USA. It's been pretty exciting getting mail and finding out about the families, interests and school our epals go to.
Their school is having a World Fair in May and they are going to have New Zealand as their class country. So far we have learnt that they have a pretty flash looking school - it's made out of brick, not wood like our schools in New Zealand.

Their teacher said its because they get extremely cold weather in Winter and a threat of tornadoes in Spring - Summer.
So far we have learnt that - some of them like ps3's too, play soccer and have some pretty cool names - like Jesus, Jose, Muricio and Irubiel.
We are looking forward to learning more about them and their school. We plan to Skype them as soon as we get back from our holidays.

Almost the end of Term 1

It's hard to believe Term 1 is almost over, seems ages since the class of 2014 arrived in Room 10. What a difference 9 weeks makes! 
McDonalds and Achievement Awards are given out weekly for showing positive behaviour and effort in learning - well done to all of you who have been recognised so far. Well done Brooklyn and Kani too for receiving certificates for Thursday Sport.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Food Technology and Materials

For the past 8 weeks in Materials, we have been learning about all the different types of tools there are and different techniques on how to use them correctly without hurting yourself or others.
We used all sorts of tools and materials like the flat bastard file, hammers, centre punches, drills, wood, aluminium, stainless steel and others. Some of the things we made were the wind chime, a spatula, and nametags. It’s been hard trying to make the objects but it was fun and awesome to do.

By Akeisha