Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Epals and our Culture Box from Korea

For the past few months Room 10 have been writing to their epals at Ontarioville Elementary School in Hannover, Illinois in the USA. 
Sadly this correspondence is about to come to an end as their school year ends this week and they are moving on to Middle School. Yesterday Room 10 were lucky enough to receive some American chocolate and sweets, pencils and friendship bracelets.
Their American epals have created autobiographies on them and presented these at their school's World Fair
Room 10''s and Tokoroa Intermediate   - " World famous in the USA"

Thanks to Mrs Aayala and her class - we've loved being your epals.


We are also in the process of  creating a 'Culture Box' about life in New Zealand to send to Korea, we received one from a UNESCO project there  - the idea is to share aspects of your country's culture to promote understanding: 

Every week, a group of 12-13 year olds visit us from the neighborhood and learn about our three theme subjects: peace, culture and ecology.
As part of their culture unit, we have a program called the ‘Culture Box’. This means that we make a box full of Korean cultural items, and send it to a school somewhere in the world. We do this so that our partner school can learn about Korean culture in a novel way; by handling physical objects that our
students make themselves, the kinesthetic learners from our partner school can engage in Korean culture in ways that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. I often receive messages from our partner school that something just ‘clicks’ when they open the box; students understand that somewhere in the world,
children their age are living, breathing and experiencing the world in an entirely different way than they are. It’s a really interesting project." 

Some of the Interesting things we received are on display in our computer room:


Today in Technology, B group created " propellers" - and used a pretty clever way of making these propellers spin...

and A Group made kites...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Room 10 Anzacs

This term our major area of learning is the Anzacs - who they were, what they did and why it is important for us as New Zealanders to remember them.

To help us do some of our writing tasks we have created Gallipoli soldiers and nurses - our forebears, we found out popular names from the 1890's and named them - strangely enough they look just like us. How many times have you been told " you look just like ..."?
We found we had a new nurse in our midst too - 'Nurse Josephine Tunupopo' - who looks strangely like our Jozyius...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Well done Jeremy!

Each week at Tokoroa Intermediate at the School Council Meeting a best and most improved Year 7 and Year 8 book is selected in a specific subject area. The class councillors choose whose books they are taking. This week Jeremy got the Year 7 award for Most Improved Language book. It's not very often at T.I.S that a boy receives a book award - great work Jeremy - even 'Skelly' is proud of you !

Monday, May 5, 2014

Goals for Term 2

Day One, Term 2. Back to school and time to change from Summer to Winter uniform - that means shoes and socks / tights as it's getting to cold for sandals now.
Today we wrote out the goals we set at Report evening at the end of last term and displayed these on our desks. This will help us focus on them and help us achieve them by the end of term.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

The 150th Anniversary of The Battle of Gate Pa

When we were at the Army Museum, Ian one of the guides told the boys about the Battle of Gate Pa over in Tauranga 150 years ago. On Tuesday it was remembered in Tauranga and as Ian told us there were 1000 Maori doing a haka  to greet the soldiers and guests. This video shows some highlights:

What's on In Term 2

Only 9 weeks at school this term and it's sure to go fast. Our big focus in class will be learning about the Anzacs and the events at Gallipoli 99 years ago.

Week 1: Remember your PE gear , Sport still on Thursday afternoons.
              Tech Arts Tuesday and Thursday.

Week 2: Tech Arts.

Week 3: NSW Computer test

Week 4: Waikato Soccer  (boys) Tuesday
              Year 7 Boostrix vaccinations
              Mufti Day Friday

Week 5: Queen's Birthday Monday
             NSW Science Wednesday
             Sport ends Thursday

Week 6: Mid Year testing starts

Week 7: Testing continues.
             Mufti Day Thursday

Week 8: Social Wednesday night
             Final Tech Arts - change over next term.

Week 9: Waikato Basketball Tuesday