Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finished ! The NZ Writing Project...

Finally it's finished - and what fun this project has been. Colouring postcards, writing metaphors and Found poems and everyone contributing to our poster.

A big thanks to Avania, Jordyn, Ashleigh and Shakarna for all the time, effort and creativity you put into completing the poster. 
It's all packaged up and will soon be on it's way to our paired school - Pukerua Bay on the Kapiti Coast, near Wellington. 


Monday, March 13, 2017

Get New Zealand Writing 2017 - Found Poems

One of the  tasks for the Writing project was to create a Found Poem. We used our class Read Aloud text  Ride of the Katipo by Stu Duvall to do this: 

Get New Zealand Writing 2017

We are taking part in the Get New Zealand Writing 2017 project organised by School Kit. 

First the class was split into groups to work on some of the tasks on the sheet, groups submitted their best choices in each section and these were added to google forms. 

Everyone in the class made their choices and these are being added to the master sheet.
Next the postcards were coloured and we looked at metaphors and wrote some to describe ourselves, these were written on the back of the postcards:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Class Councillor Elections 2017

Today Room 10 held their elections to choose our two class councillors. This year there were 8 candidates and the standard was high. Many of the girls had out a lot of effort into their videos in order to convince their class mates they were the best students for the job. 
Good Class Councillors need to be reliable and organised,carry out a range of duties, attend weekly School Council meetings and be able to stand on stage in an Assembly and introduce a friend to the school 
This was also a lesson in democracy and voting - and after the votes were counted Avania and Page were announced the lucky winners.

Here are some of today's presentations.apologies for the watermark issue on Page's we are unable to remove it)

Check out Shakarna's video here:

Epals School :Hester Junior High, Chicago

We recently received a videos from Mr Milano a teacher at Hester Junior High in Chicago, USA Some of their students gave us a look around their school.

Some similarities and differences are apparent, especially in the buildings...

So we will be creating one to send back - showing them what Tokoroa Intermediate and Room 10 look like...