Friday, March 28, 2014

Memoir Writing

Our first efforts at Memoir writing:

Room 10 Memoirs March 2014

I couldn't find Matthew's memoir when these were published - so here it is:

My team and I were warming up to begin a soccer game. It was just about time to start and the other team hadn’t turned up yet, then at the last minute they came. Next the whistle blew. The other team were kicking off. They kicked it off down the field. I got the ball and I dribbled it down the field. I got to the goal and there was one more player in defence. I took a shot and I got a goal I was pleased. I hear clapping and cheering. I was feeling confident that I would get more goals.
The ball got taken back to half way, one of their players passed the ball to his team mate then he dribbled it down to the goal. I rushed after him he kicked the ball and it hit the post, I said close one,” to myself / I got the ball. I was sprinting down the side line and the other team player just about swiped the ball off me. I shot I got another goal, my second goal. I felt like a machine I got I got two more goals before half time, then the half time whistle blew.
And my coach said “well done Matthew.” I gulped a drink of water and an orange down. My team and I get back on the field, now this time we kick off. I was beside the kicker, I said; “pass to me” and again the whistle blew. He passed to and I passed back. I don’t think the other team had a chance against us I soon scored my fifth goal.

In the end I had six goals. It was 14/0 to our team. We totally wrecked them. Our team then took our shirts off. My coach announced player off the day it was me, I so deserved it.  I got a Moro bar and a trophy, I felt so excited and proud of myself.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Trophy!

We won the Year 7 Ultimate Frisbee- definitely a team effort as many in the class played.

Kia Kaha with Constable Louise

 Constable Louise has been in Room 10 this week teaching us about Bullying - what it is, why people bully and how to deal with it. Today the focus was on cyber bullying and we watched this video - pretty thought provoking ! ( how private are your Facebook settings? )

Constable Louise came to Room 10 to talk about how to stop being bullied and how to solve it.
We learnt about different ways that people get bullied like: physical, gesture, stereotyping and worst of all cyber bullying.
If you are wondering what stereotyping is well that’s what I’m going to tell you?  It’s not a stereo that plays music or a computer that you type on it is when you judge someone you don’t even know and judge how you look or by their race. Constable Louise put up pictures of people we didn’t know and we had to guess their age, where they worked and their interests. Most of Room 10 were wrong about them and that is what you call stereotyping. So if you’re judging someone stop and think would you like people judging you and I bet the answer would be no!.
Anyway my favourite bullying subject was cyber bullying, it is a horrible type of bullying and no one should ever have to go through it. Room 10 is filled with people who talk on line and need to be aware of  cyber bullying. We got taught a few rules that you should follow if you have an online page. The rules were only friend your true friends and family and make sure they are the only people who can see your page, and if you are getting cyber bullied you need to tell someone like an adult at home or even your teacher. The biggest rule was don’t text back to the person that is cyber bullying you, because they will know that you are upset and will carry on even more. It was really good advice it made us think and wonder.
We also watched a few videos like Becky’s world that was about cyber bullying and at the end of the video it asked a very important question that everyone should ask themself
                        Are you cyber safe?
By Kiana Mclean

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Report Evenings this week.

This Tuesday and Wednesday ( 25/3 and 26/3 )  school finishes at 2pm so Teachers can report to parents on your progress. You are expected to accompany your parent (s) / caregivers as it's your learning and progress it's all about!

Here's a guide from the Ministry of Education for your parents - it tells them what you need to be able to do to be at the National Standard and suggests ways they can help you at home.

Supporting your Child's Learning

For more information or to download a copy:

States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases)

A useful clip to watch to learn more about Matter - the subject we are studying in Science at the moment. You have to love that British accent!

4 States of Matter Song

This one mentions the 4th State of Matter.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tech' Arts - Art and ICT

This Term A group are attending Food Technology on Tuesdays and ICT on Thursdays. B group are going to Materials and Art.

In Art, Mrs Kingsley has been teaching us all the different techniques and strategies – like sketching, shading and smudging. Over the past 2 weeks we have been creating Polynesian patterns. In our Art work we have used traditional patterns and colours like they used in the old times- browns, whites and greens.
I’m looking forward to learning more in Art this year

Sarah Parry

For the past few weeks at ICT with Mr Knapman we have been learning how to make a practise slide show.
We are also learning to research a small animal.
 These are some of the things we have to research about the animal we have chosen.
·        What it eats
·        Its life cycle
·        What likes to eat it?
·        Its scientific classification
And lots more stuff.
We learn how to copy pictures and paste them; get information, use power point and Microsoft,
We also learn how to edit pictures, make headings  use hyperlink and use the keyboard for pretty much anything. ICT is the place to be.
By Nevada

Friday, March 7, 2014

Room 10 also has a Facebook page

Room 10  has a Facebook page - pictures and information about life in our class are also pasted on our Facebook page:

7 is the lucky number!

The softball team did it - won the Year 7 interclass Trophy - for the 7th time in the past 10 years !


House Captains:
The House Captains for 2014 were announced in Assembly and they were presented with their badges. So how are House Captains chosen??
Possible House Captains are nominated at the end of Year 7 by their class teachers. This year they had to fill in an application form too. These were given to the House teachers who then narrowed the candidates down to 5-6. These names were taken to Staff meetings and the staff commented on their suitability for the job. The House teachers then selected their final 4 'House Captains'.
Naturally Mrs Puke was more than just a little bit happy to see so many old Room 10's get selected!- 7 to be exact!
They were pretty happy about it too by the looks of these pics ( well maybe not Jaxon - the thought of having to be a perfect role model all year might be worrying him ???)


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The last softball game

The softball team played their final game today against a depleted Room 16 team - as we were missing 3 of our star players that was probably a good thing. Luckily some wonderful batting from the Manu boys, Fellan and Nevada ( our sole girl player!) meant a Room 10 victory as unfortunately today our fielding wasn't our greatest. Still a win is a win!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Portraits, Tiki's, and Softball 2014

Room 10 students had to 'recreate themselves' using pastels, the end results were interesting...

'About Me' tiki's were created to present information about our interests, family and likes and dislikes. These ones were some of the best...

Interclass softball has been played over the past few weeks at lunch times, Room 10 has had wins over Rooms 9, 12 and 17 - our final game is this Thursday against Room 17. Room 10 has a history of winning the softball trophy - here's hoping ...