Sunday, September 28, 2014

Term 3 Ends - Speeches and Awards

Lots of Awards and Certificates are given at T.I.S.
 McDonalds and Achievement Awards are given weekly for a variety of reasons - effort, attitude, high standards of work ...
Best and Most Improved Book Awards are decided in Council Meetings, receive 3 of these and you get a Paper Plus Voucher to spend.
The final Assembly each term sees the Principal's and Deputy Principal Awards announced - these are awarded for  high levels of  behaviour, attitude, effort, and work produced over the Term. (turn the sound on!)

PB4L Badges continue to be given out to those who have received 30 TIS Awards.
This week 6 were presented to Room 10 students - Bethany, Robert (Bob), Brooklyn, Bailie ( there was  'B' thing going on for a while ) and Cora and Jayviar. All 6 are great examples of what T (teamwork) I ( Involvement) S (standards) represents. Congratulations!

The School Speech Finals were held on Friday, this is divided into Year 7 and Year 8 and was judged by Peter Mariu and Michelle Haugh from Tokoroa Toastmasters.
The standard was extremely high and there were speeches on a range of topics: Women's Right to Vote in NZ, The Talking Poles, Why Girls are Smarter than Boys, What Mother's Mean When they Say Something, Dementia and the Elderly,  Growing up in Taiwan, The Conflict in the Ukraine ...
There was a Highly Recommended category this year and  Jordan Year 8, and Xanthe Year 7  were named as the recipients.
The Winners were Ariana for Year 8 and Room 10's Keawe for Year 7, with his highly entertaining speech on Food.

Kiana also represented the class and Syndicate in the Finals and these 3 old Room 10's,  were Year 8 Finalists.
 Great speeches from all of you!



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Term 3 in Room 10 - from the Syndicate Newsletter

Room 10 students started the term learning about Sexuality Education. The girls got sent to Room 12 with Mrs Long and the boys went into room 9 with Mr Noke. From there we discussed the phases that you go through when you reach puberty. 

BREAKING NEWS there have been sightings of our new principal she is a lady named ……. Mrs Mariassouce’ she used to teach at a school called Paerata School. 

Speeches: A couple of weeks ago it was that time of the year that everybody hates, 
SPEECHES. Everybody in the school had to deliver a speech on the topic that they chose then they had to deliver it to their class and the top 4 in every class went to the Syndicate finals, the four lucky winners from our class were Keawe #food Cora #Fears Kiana # old people, Nevada # pool /8 ball. 2 students from our class made it to the school finals they were Kiana and Keawe. Mrs Puke was very proud of all her class. 

Cross country: “Go go go” cheered our friends as we were running the track for cross country. A lot of people made it in to the top 20 from our class they were Te Amorangi, Nevada, Akeisha Shontelle, Cora, Zak, Jayviar, Matthew, Bailie and Jack. Production: Only one of our students Kiana Mclean was brave enough to join the production, Kiana played the role of the mean troll but lucky for us she is not a mean troll she is actually a really nice person.

 Sports: Every Monday and Tuesday our syndicate goes out for P.E and this term we have been doing athletic skills including high jump, long jump shot put cricket ball throw. 

Scary narratives: Our big topic for this term is scary narratives we have been reading and writing scary stories. To give us some inspiration on writing our stories Mrs Puke has been reading us out loud DRACULA the whole class loves it. 

Extension: about half of our class is in a Technology Extension group. Every Monday after lunch a bunch of kids from our class go to their extension groups here is some things that they have been doing. In cooking Kiana, Cora and Karma have been making animal biscuits with Mrs Duffin. In Art Kade, Sarah, Nevada, Bethany, Robert and Jack have been using water colours. In ICT Bailie and Akeisha have been learning how to make and create animations. In materials Mr Wild has taught Jeremy Ellie and Zak how to make a “do nothing machine”, it goes around and around and around.

 This term has been a very successful 10 weeks for Room 10, we’ve all worked hard. .

 Cora and Nevada

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

School production 2014

What's new Pussy Cat - the School Production 2014.

Every two years Tokoroa Intermediate has a school production - this year it is 'What's New Pussy Cat'.
Lots of hard work has gone into this show - from staff and students alike. It's a great show and well worth seeing - so make sure you head along to school Wednesday night to see the final performance,.featuring some talented old Room 10's:
 the King (Brad), Queen (Jordan) and Princess (Kirsty), the Witch (Renee), crowd member (Chloe), two old ladies (Monica and Nakiaa) and I can't forget Jess, Bel' and Becs great dancing or Cejay and Talisha in the Choir.
The only member of this years class is the very talented Troll (Kiana) - a few pics from Tuesday nights show...
The "old ladies"
The Witch
The Troll and the Witch
Protesting workers
The Royal Family
Some of the choir

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Room 10 Speech Finalists 2014

In Term 3 everyone at Tokoroa Intermediate has to prepare and deliver a one, two or three minute speech. The best 4 three minute speeches went to the Syndicate Speech finals and from there 3 speeches were chosen to go through to the School Speech Finals. Congratulations to Keawe and Kiana for being selected to represent our Syndicate.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Extension Cooking - Cora, Kiana and Karma Ray

Every Monday afternoon Extension Technology is held for Year 7's. The Tech' Art's teachers select the children who will be in their groups on ability, at these classes they develop their skills further.
This is what has been happening in Extension Cooking lessons so far ...
extension cooking

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Similes and Metaphors"

Room 10 are learning about Literary devices, so that they can use these in their narrative writing.

Metaphor of the day was Zak's " Greg Inglis was a freight train on the field"

Today's task was to do a quick sketch to illustrate a metaphor:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Positive Behaviour for Learning

PB4L stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning and at T.I.S this means awards can be given for Teamwork, Involvement and Standards.In Room 10 this means high standards of behaviour and work are expected, involvement in class and school activities and teamwork means co-operation and working together... 30 awards = a Bronze Badge. Today these 3 great role models received their Badges...