Monday, April 29, 2013

Jordans report for the Term 1 Syndicate Newsletter

Room 10
Where do we start, this term has been so busy!
Our first task in Room 10 was to create a mobile. We had 2 weeks to do this and had to include what our hobbies are, our culture, fears/dislikes and family. We had some amazing mobiles come in.
In Room 10 we have some very talented sports players. This helped Room 10 to win the year7 softball competition. Ultimate Frisbee was also a success because we came 2nd but were beaten by our toughest opponents Room 12. The Room 10 girls were not so successful when it came to tug-of-war but luckily the boys went a bit further then us.
Earlier this term we had the Room 10 class councillor and deputy class councillor elections. We had some awesome presentations. Jess scored the most votes which made her class councillor and Monica came in as deputy class councillor.
We were also lucky enough for Constable Louise to come in and talk to us about cyber bullying, stereo typing and verbal bullying.

In Room 10 we have just started writing to our Epals. Epals are just like pen pals but they are on the internet. We have got Epals from China, Taiwan and Texas. We have also started making our Eportfolios and we are going to add to them throughout the year.
At the moment we are playing a game called Survival Island which is about working together as a team to try and survive on our islands…
Room 10 will end  the term with a trip to Waiouru Army Museum to learn more about the ANZACS, on the way back we’re  going to De Bretts for a nice hot swim.
Jordan Murray

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tug of War

Lunch time interclass competitions continued and Room 10 had success in the boys Tug Of War - they won the Year 7 competition, sadly our girls didn't do so well.

However last years Room 10 girls ( now Room 7,Year 8's ) showed they still have what it takes and won the Year 8 girls title!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Opening Coconuts

 created by Reina

In Room 10 we have been playing a game called ‘Survival Island’ Where we have to imagine we have been washed up on shore with people in our groups, We have all named our imaginary Islands and have found out there are imaginary foods that we can eat to keep alive.
Most of us said “we’ll just eat some coconuts!” Mrs. Puke tried to tell us that it will be extremely hard to open them. We read a book about coconuts and we still said we’ll just eat them; So Mrs Puke went to the supermarket and bought a coconut for each group. Everyone went outside and discovered different ways to open their coconut. Most people made a little hole in the coconut before opening the whole thing.The purpose for this is so we could drink the coconut milk first.                             Room 10 has been having heaps of fun discovering new ‘imaginary’ creatures, finding foods and different ways to keep them sheltered on their imaginary islands.


This week we have started writing to our epals, epals is a child safe web site that connects us to children all around the world. So far we have been writing to kids from Zhengzhou China [which has 8.1million people].
The children we are writing to go to Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School. We have learnt that the children in China work a lot harder than us. They start school at 7:10am and end school at 6:10pm.
We are also writing to children in Taiwan and Texas USA, and we are waiting for our first emails from children in Paris, France and Turkey. 
I am also writing to a boy in England who is home schooled.
We are enjoying learning about other kids in different countries.
By Georgia

Old Boys come to visit

Timo' displays his cricket trophies
Harry Swanson is getting bigger!