Friday, September 21, 2012

Bugsy Malone - the School Production

Lakyn and Angel - two of the choir members
Margaret is Velma and Rico is the leading actor - Bugsy Malone
Michael is Roxy, a gang member who gets shot in the opening act
Thomas is Knuckles - Fat Sam's main man

This year's School Production is called Bugsy Malone, a story of gangstersthere are twelve Room 10 class members in the show .
Taylah, Angel and  Lakyn  are in the choir
Sarah, Laura and Abby are dancers
Margaret, Michael, Timothy, Kristyn, Thomas and Rico are all in the cast.

Interclass Rugby !

This week Room 10 played Room 12 in the final of the Interclass Rugby, sadly we lost by one try 7-6. Michael( Mad Dog)was our player of the game! Thanks to Mr Fisher for refereeing.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scary tagexdos and we won the Year 7 Netball!

As part of our spelling homework we had to use our scary vocabulary to create a tagexdo Thanks to some great playing Room 10 won the Year 7 netball. We have already won the Year 7 Touch and girls Tug Of War, next up is the Year 7 rugby- here's hoping...