Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Several students in  Room 10 were selected for Leadership roles: 

School Leader: Kelani Maea 

Whare Leaders: Bella Bayer, Braxton Smith and Niko McCloskey

Ropu Sports and Cultural Leaders: Lochie Ruru, Teinakore Ford- Takiri, Jonathan Mitchell

These leadership roles all have different responsibilities, School and Whare leaders are responsible for Rahina hui, Formal Assemblies and Whare Hui. They have also taken Hui Ata,

The Leaders organise and present these to the School / using slides and support from the Pono Tech team.



Our Class Councillors are: Ina May (Y8) and Ellistar (Y7) 

Swimming Sports

 Room 10 had a successful day at the School Swimming sports in February, 

                                              Larz was placed 4th in the Senior Boys 
                                Bella paced 2nd in the Senior Girls and Zoe 3rd in the Junior Girls 

Retalyk and Tristan placed 2nd and 3rd in the Junior Boys. 

A good day for Pono we were placed 1st overall. A big thanks to all the Room 10s who took part. We couldn't have done it without you, every point counted.  


 Summer weather means a need to recognise the importance of being well hydrated, so the class carried out a series of experiments using eggs to learn about hydration and the process of osmosis.

As well as carrying out experiments, they learned to observe, make predictions, draw diagrams to show what happened and write explanations.
They also learnt to recognise the signs of dehydration and became more aware of the need to drink water often.  

Water Skills Lessons

All students at Tokoroa Intermediate took part in the Water Skills for Life Programme, Room 10 enjoyed their time at the local pools learning new skills and becoming more confident in the water:

This is the national standard for aquatic education in New Zealand primary schools. It is linked into the national education curriculum and gives children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risk and make smart decisions around water.
  • Recognise an emergency for yourself or others. Know who to call for help and how
  • Know, understand and respect water safety rules, hazards and risks around the home, farm and around pools
  • Know, understand and respect water safety rules, hazards and risk in natural environments such as at the beach, offshore, river or lake.
  • Know, understand and respect water safety rules, hazards and risks for water activities such as swimming, water sports and boating
  • Know how and why t make safe decisions for yourself and others

Te Whare Pono Pepeha

 We are one of three classes that make up Te Whare Pono, Pono stands for honesty and integrity.

Each Whare in our school has a pepeha - Room 10 were given the task of creating visual pepeha for Pono:                                                               

Remember the Summer Holidays

 First up, was some poetry writing to remember the summer holidays: 

2024 Begins

 The Year 8's arrived back first to be greeted by their AI versions,  and their first task was to present some information about themselves for the incoming Year 7's: