Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ko Au - Healthy Me

This term as part of our Ko Au focus, our team Te Whare Pono investigated what being healthy involves.

Over the last 6 weeks, The class have learnt about aerobic and anaerobic exercise and measured how well they could carry out a range of fitness activities. They will be revisiting regularly as part of our PE programme.

They learnt about our digestive system and what it involves, and cooked Island chop suey and a microwave steam pudding.

They also learnt about Healthy Eating - the food groups,and nutrients, you can see this on the slides Room 10 created below as part of their food inquiries. 

This year Tokoroa Intermediate is part of the Lunches in School programme, you can find out more about it here:

School Lunch Programme

The class used their learning  to analyse the food groups and nutrients in some of the lunches they've had:

                     They also found out how much sugar is in many common drinks

The class also took part in a shared Padlet on What We Eat with a class in the Marquesa Islands (North of Tahiti) and one in Ohio USA, it has been interesting to see similarities and differences.

We are currently doing another with our epals in France.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Leadership in Room 10

This Year lots of new leadership roles have been created at Tokoroa Intermediate and today's Assembly saw school leaders, whare - house leaders, class councillors, and team leaders announced and badges presented.

Recipients from Room 10:

* School Leader - Casey
*Te Whare Pono leader - Takurangi

Class Councillor - Tatsuya

We had 5 candidates for the Room 10 Councillor position and after the final votes were counted Tatsuya was declared the Councillor for 2021

Cerrone is our Deputy Councillor, he made an amazing video for the class - He's highly talented and we can expect to see more of him when the school Production takes place in Term 3

*Te Whare Pono Team Leaders:
Maunga iti - Julius,
Mangaharakeke - Qwade
and Rimu - Renata .

We have 4 School Councils this year - giving student's voice and Room 10 are well represented on these:

* Sports Council - Renata and Noah.

* Curriculum and Well-Being Council - Maia, Takurangi, Koston and Kiera.
* Social and Celebrations Council - Casey.

*Eco -Environmental Council - Flynn, Calum and Jacob.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Te Whare Pono Assembly 26 March

 2021 has seen the introduction of new school Houses / Whare and this week Te Whare Pono were the hosts of Fridays Assembly. 

A lot of work went into making this a special one, lots of practice learning waiata, slides were created to display, the sound system boys were trained. 

Some of the slides presented:
 Our inaugural Te Whare Pono video was presented to the school, with lots of Room 10's featured - including Cerrone the lead singer! 

A special thanks to the talented Whaea Awhina, we couldn't have done it without her, she empowers our children as performers, and along with her daughter Ariana produced, choreographed and directed our video. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Our Mobiles

 The class mobiles have been a Room 10 tradition since 2011  -  a great way for everyone to tell the class something about themselves,  their interests and family. 

We had a break from them in 2020 as I knew we were going to change to  composite classes  for 2021 ( that actually ended up happening a little sooner - straight after our Lockdown in May 2020) 

Once all the mobiles are up - Room 10 becomes 'their class' -  a sentiment expressed many years ago when we packed up our class at the end of the year and the mobiles were taken down, as one of the boys stared around the empty classroom he commented, " it just doesn't feel like our room anymore!'

This year's mobiles are featured below:  

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Bio Poems

 As part of our Ko Au - I am - getting to know each other work, Bio Poems and word clouds were created: 


Monday, March 1, 2021

Immunisation Inquiries

 The Public Health nurse was at school in Week 3, vaccination time! Videos about the vaccinations were shown and forms given out to take home. 

The big question was: What are these diseases we get vaccinated against? 

and working collaboratively the class set out to find out more about them:

2021 sees a new House System for Tokoroa Intermediate

 Freyberg, Grey, Hobson and Cobham were House names at Tokoroa Intermediate for over 60 years, the start of the 2021 school year saw the introduction of our new Whare. 

The introduction of these was instigated by a pupil at our school Torea Ford Takiri - when she learnt about the horrors of the Waikato Wars on a class trip.

Her Koro at Raukawa - the late Nigel Te Hiko was instrumental in creating our new whare, and these were presented to the school towards the end of last year. 

Te Whare Pono, Te Whare Tika, Te Whare Honore and Te Whare Manaaki. 

Room 10, along with Room's 9 and 3 are Te Whare Pono; the House of Hope,  and blue is our colour.

We are extremely lucky to have Whaea Awhina lead us in learning the school karakia, whakatauki, and  moteatea. 

She has also taught the Whare the pepeha behind it, a great haka and a chant for our pepeha to a Michael Jackson song - exciting times!