Saturday, March 19, 2016

A New Look for the School

Last year Mrs Kingsley our Art Teacher and some very talented Year's - including Shontelle and Sarah from the class of 2014 painted some murals for the wall at the end of Room 12. They represent our town of Tokoroa - our cultural diversity, the Talking Poles and some of our sporting successes and certainly brighten up the place...

Introducing Room 10's Class Councillors for 2016

Their great videos paid off - Mya and Lucy were voted in to be Room 10's Class Councillors for the year...

Writing Descriptions

The first writing task of the year for the class was to write a character description of a friend in the class.These were done on the Chromebooks using google docs - a new experience for many,writing these gave an indication of 'where to next' as writers and they were sent off to our epals who all are learning English at their respective schools in France, Italy and Taiwan.

Description Writing

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Class Councillor Elections

Tomorrow Room 10 will listen to several of their class members, as they present their reasons for choosing them to be the Class Councillor and Deputy Councillor. 
These two are certainly well prepared and have both produced entertaining videos full of great reasons for voting for them: 

The 2016 Mobiles

It took a little longer than usual to get our mobiles finished this year, as a  few of the class needed reminding about the importance of meeting deadlines and taking responsibility for their learning .
Finally Room 10 looks colourful again with some wonderful mobiles and imaginative ways of presenting information about themselves shown:

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