Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our Swimmimg Champions

For the first time in many years; Room 10 has both the Junior Girls and Junior Boys Swimming Champions in the class. 

Congratulations to Michaela and Antony.

A great effort from Connor and Jadene too...

Week 2 In Room 10

Week 2 in Room 10 was another short week but certainly a busy one. Reading and Maths Tests were done, the Swimmimg Sports were held and letters were received from epals in Italy and Taiwan.
The class Korowai was completed too...its all about  who Room 10 are and becoming a class. There are some talented artists evident too.

                                                              Our class whakatauki

This term the class will be writing to classes in Italy and Taiwan. so the focus in written language is on writing descriptions of a classmate so these can be shared with our epals.
Room 10 2015 also wrote to Mrs Weng's class in Taiwan, this week some letters came in for them  and some interesting pamphlets. The class learnt about the Year of the Monkey and currency converting - no a Big Mac in Taiwan doesn't cost NZ $45 it costs about  $2.02!

Our  eplas in Italy come from two different places - some live in the South East near Bari and the others in Mrs Macchiarulo's class live in the north near Milan.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life is a series of short videos made by Te Mangai Paho and New Zealand on Air. Series 2 tells the story of Nia who has just started at Intermediate School...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

House Captains announced

Today was the first formal Assembly of 2016 and a rather special one.The schoool House Captains were named.
This year the selection of House Captains was done a little differently.At the end of Year 7 teachers are asked to nominate their 'possible - probable House Captains according to a criteria that places an emphasis on being organised, being confident at public speaking and above all showing leadership by example in all aspects of class and school life. Any other children who felt they had the necessary qualities could also apply.
The students had to fill out an application pack; they had to rate themselves against the criteria, say why they thought they would make a good House Captain and get both their teacher and parents to write  a reference for them.
This information was collected in and on our Teacher Only Day staff in each house selected their potential leaders, names of those selected were read out to the whole Staff and all agreed on the choices made for 2016.

As this was the first Assembly of the year, hosts were needed to run it and without hesitation ( just like their big sisters 3 years ago it turns out!!)  Mya and Jadene volunteered to run the asssembly.
They helped organise their script and with the rest of the class acting as a practice audience - rehearsed their lines on stage.

Room 10 are particularly proud of both of  these girls - standing up and running an Assembly in front of 330 students is no mean feat especially when you only arrived at Intermediate 4 days ago! 

Tokoroa Intermediate has 4 Houses, each named after a former Governor General Of New Zealand. 16 House Captains are chosen each year - Four for each House.
From Room 10 2015  6 children were selected (Maddi was away sick so missed the photo)
An extra special congratulations to Maddi, Elijah, Riley, Ashlyn, Aliana and Hoana - Rose! 





and Hobson: 

Room 10 2016

Room 10 2016,  has 27 students, 15 boys and 12 girls; and it already looks like we have a great year ahead of us ...

Week 1, Term 1. 2016

School started for 2016 on Tuesday 2 February and some rather quiet, rather shy students made their way to Room 10. Getting to know each other and co-operative games were a big part of this week and already they have become 'a class' 

 Nothing like making pyramids to get students working together ...