Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Education

This term in room 10 Mrs Puke and the class have been visiting Harold and Shelly from the Life Education van. We have been learning about choices and how they influence us. When we first went to Harold we were excited because it’s been ages since we have last seen Harold in our primary schools.
At our first lesson we played a game which was very entertaining personally I stuck to FIJI, There were three places where we could go: Fiji, Los Angeles and North Island ( Wellington) First we had to pick where we wanted to go the most BUT there was consequences depending on where you went, Most of our class decided to go to Los Angeles with Shelly and Mrs Puke, BUT in the end we found out it was only a game.
 We made a burger with the Choices, Consequences as tomatoes, Influences as the meat patty and lastly Information as the lettuce. At our second lesson we learnt about the long term consequences of smoking and annorexia. At our third and last session we learnt about how smoking and drinking alcohol affects our body.
 Sadly we have to wait till next year to see Harold and Shelly again L L L L
Collette and Demos

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