Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interclass Rugby

We have all been watching the rugby world cup games that are happening around New Zealand but for today we were all focused on our own interclass rugby game.Hearty Room 10 took on the fancy footed Room 16. We took the field wanting to win to stay undefeated in the comp so far.

The first half saw us take the lead with our great tackling (shot Room 10 boys),good run up's and passing – though I admit I'm not the best at sharing  the ball.

This carried on into the second half but it definitely was more challenging for us.David Dewar came across to Tok Intermediate just in time being the best try saver of the game, shot D! Jonas Jonah Lomu is proving to be our key weapon charging through the opposition every game.Thanks to our courageous girls who played, if it wasn't for them we would not have a team to take the field.
We still have a few things to work on. Playing today we had a slight problem with Kody James not knowing when to release the ball. When he was on the ground he kept getting penalised for not letting the ball go.Hopefully he will remember to let the ball go next time but more importantly great running Kody!

Tyler Riki-Pahewa and Christian Manual were danger players for room 16 with very good skills and Tyler being the only try-scorer of the game for them.

Final score 7 to 1 to us!
Thanks to all players and our number 1 supporters Mrs Puke and Fisher Harris.
We look forward to our next  game  GO ROOM 10

by Jemaine

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