Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kapa Haka noho marae

On Friday night the Kapa Haka group went to the Papa o Te Aroha marae, to get ready for the Polynesian Festival.
 First we had a powhiri. We had to wear black. The girls were in the front and the boys were at the back. A lady welcomed us on to the marae. Whaea  Awhina replied back. We sat in the marae and listened to a matua do his speech, when he finished him and two other ladies sang a song.  Mr O`Rouke replied back and we did our moteatea called Kangangahu. We all went around and kissed or hongied the hosts of the marae. We had a 5 minute break just to get out of our powhiri clothes and get changed into our P.Js. We went straight into practice. We had dinner and then supper and went to sleep. The boys slept on the left hand side and the girls slept on the right.
On Saturday we all woke up and had a shower and then went straight into practise. Had breakfast and then went for more practises.  After practising we went to the pools and stayed there until 3:00pm. Anton suggested that we do some skits just for fun. We all finished creating our skits but we weren’t allowed to do them because we had to have a dress rehearsal. Many of our parents and some teachers came to watch us.  After we finished our rehearsal we had some supper. We all went for a shower then had a MEAN pillow fight, but we had to go to bed because we were too loud. LOL!
On Sunday all we did was clean the marae and pack our stuff and wait for our parents to come.
It was a fun noho, the best we had ever had J      
Shaneya and Kowhai

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