Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interclass Rugby vs Room 18

Today Room 10’s rugby team went down to the bottom field and played rugby against Room 18. We had 3 girls and 10 boys it was supposed to be  10 aside. Room 18 only had 6 players so we could only field 6 players at a time. Everyone had a game and Room 10 said to each other “this game is too easy” but then they got their only try of the day and everyone was annoyed at each other because he/she let him through.
The boys had the ball mostly all the time but sometimes gave it to the  girls. Kowhai scored a great try but it was disallowed and Shaneya got a ‘pretty much runaway try.' Room 10 won 15 tries to 1.
Room 10 had a good time playing rugby but they want to play a class a bit  more challenging like Room 16.

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