Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 8 - Coconuts and immunisation!

Coconut investigation...
We were playing Survival Island and no one knew much about coconuts. Mrs Puke brought some coconuts for us to try. We got one coconut per island.We had to open them, drink the juice then open them to get the meat out. We watched some videos on how to climb a coconut tree and how to get the green husk off, We learnt that a coconut is the seed of a fruit called a drupe.

Kowhai cracking a coconut.

Matamaru and Te-Ina are having a sip of coconut milk.

Joy, Brayden and Logan making holes in the coconut.

They just finshed cracking a coconut open.

head down bum up! it's our Fisher!

Michael, Collette and Josie having some of the coconut.

Karine and her  perfectly shaped coconut half.
Guest Speaker at Asembly
This week Marion Brown from Raukawa came and spoke to the school about her recent experiences in Christchurch. Raukawa sent some people and equipment down to help  Iwi members caught up in the earthquake. She showed us the water containers and toilets they supplied to people and we looked at photos of what it was like down there.

 We had immunisation injections this week.These protect us from tetnaus, diptheria and the whooping cough.
You look very calm Lorenzo.

no need to be scared Christian.!

Its all over now Demos !!

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  1. Love the smile or is it a grimace .. for the injections. I remember one student turning a sickly shade of green after that!!! Love your blog. It records your classes journey really well.
    Marg Lelieveld