Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 6 - Our Class Councillors Were Chosen.

Nicole & Jonas
Our Councillors

This week our class councillor was chosen, the candidates needed to say a speech, all the other students needed to vote for the person they wanted to be the councillor.
Nicole and Jonas were chosen, Nicole was voted councillor and Jonas was chosen to be deputy councillor,
As a councillor, you need to be honest and reliable.  Councillors have to go to council meetings and take the best & most improved books from our class.

some of the class of 2010 looking in!

Last week  the school House Captains  for 2011 were announced and presented with their badges in FridayAssembly, this week it was Team leaders.  Mrs Puke would like to congratulate the following  ex Room 10's :

House Captains  
Hobson- Camryn Nicholas and Cole Bain
Cobham- Danielle Lamont
Grey - Bailey Sneddon and Tiare Manu

Team Leaders:
Riley Neil, Brooke Baldwin and Amos Manu

our Ultimate Frisbee team
We have been playing in the lunch time Ultimate Frisbee competition- Mr Hopkinson organised this and Year 8's referee, we did really well until our final game, sadly Shaneya, Kowhai and Te Ina had to go to netball trials. The team missed them and we lost to Room 16, the good news is that Kowhai and Shaneya made it into the A netball team and Te Ina into the B's.

In class so far this year we have been studying Rules, Rights and Responsibilities - we signed a class agreement on these. We alo have been reading and summarising newspaper articles on the Christchurch earthquake.Now we are playing a co-operative game called Survival Island.

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