Monday, March 14, 2011

Tapu Ae, Ki O Rahi and Tug of War

Kc Maaka , Nicole & Vanessa from Raukawa came to teach us some traditional Maori games. We played Ki O Rahi and Tapu Ae.

We played some games that made us run, sweat and work as a team.

Grab The ball Boy.

Michael Gets a turn at sports.
Jonas what are you doing?
Josie It's okay
Joy is Airborne
Grab the ball Matamaru
The next Karate kid
Snatch the ball Te Ina
Protect the ball Shaneya
Grab the ball Demos

Tug of war
All the classes in the school took part in  a tug of war competition. In the Year 7 girls final we had to face Room 12, they had strong girls in their class- we came second!  The boys came second as well.  Room 9  had really big boys in their class, they were pretty hard to face.
We all did a good job and we had a lot of  fun as well.
Pull room 10
Taking the strain Shaneya
Pull Logan Pull!

go girls go
Ben , Jemaine , Shaq and Jonas Pulling

Don't fall over

Tough luck boys

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