Thursday, October 28, 2010

week 3, term 4

It's week 3 and our class has already had some great successes in the athletics.
In the 300 metres we had Tiare Manu 2nd and Jacinda Shaw 3rd in the junior girls and Daeshaun Anglem Reti 2nd in the junior boys.
In the 1500 metres (5 laps round the bottom field) We had Danielle Lamont 1st, Tiare Manu 2nd and Jacinda Shaw 3rd. We then sat and waited for 4th and 5th to arrive as they were a LONG way behind.

First in the junior boys 1500m race. Lloyd Clarke finally tasted victory as his failure in the 300m and 200m finally turned into luck in the 1500m race.

We have also been going to lessons in the Life Education Caravan with " HAROLD" the giraffe and Shelly (the teacher)We have been learning about making choices and which body parts smoking will damage the most. We are looking forward to our last sesson with Shelly and "Harold" next week.

On Friday 29th October we were lucky enough to hear from Maria Gill a New Zealand author of  children's non fiction texts and Vivienne Lingard a childrens book illustrator
RangitotoSave Our Seas
Lloyd Clarke and Cole Bain went and worked with Vivienne Lingard in the School art room for a little art lesson with her. We learnt about Vanishing line, Perspective, Eye level line and Horizon line. All the people who were there drew a picture to do with saving the planet. Lloyd and Cole's pictures that they did with Vivienne are below.

by Lloyd

by Cole

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  1. Great to see what the class is doing. Am very proud of you Lloyd!