Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Term 3

Term 3 was another busy one; we learnt about The Physical World in Science when we investigated Friction, to do this we carried out lots of practical activities.

Camryn and Katarina finding out how luricants affect grip!
and how could we ever forget the Friction song!!

TeacherTube Videos - Friction

We read and wrote Adventure narratives:

We summarised the main ideas in adventure narratives we read.

Early in the term the school Cross Country was held, Mrs Puke was very proud of all of the class for taking part, no-one made excuses not to run!
 We were thrilled to see Tiare Manu win the Junior Girls event and Danielle Lamont come second. Lloyd Clarke won the Junior Boys race and Boss Taramai came third.  

Term 3 saw Interclass netball begin, we beat Rooms 9 and 11 and then it was time to play our arch rivals Room 12. It was a fiercely contested game and the final score was 12-10 to Room 10. Boys were included in the teams and Amos showed he has real potential on the netball court!
Thanks to the Year 8's (Dionne, Holly and Renae)  for umpiring and scoring.
Amos calls for the ball...

Tiare has the ball...

Our star wing attack!

Dionne - our very competent umpire

The School Production this year was called Shiek, Rattle 'n Roll, after months of rehearsal the show was performed in Week 10. 
Jacinda and Tiare were in the choir, Ashley and Ksharna were on stage as members of the crowd and Cameron, Maire, Rylie and Danielle were all dancers. It was a great show thoroughly enjoyed by all who saw it. We have lots of talent in our school!

Our dancers!

The leading actors - backstage - unscripted!

Rylie and Maire

Ashley and Ksharna 'members of the crowd'

The term ended with the school Speech Finals - Ashley and Cole went through to represent our class at the Syndicate Finals and gave informative speeches on personally significant subjects  - Cystic Fibrosis and 'Fords.

What our teacher does to us when she's bored...

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