Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 5 - Term 4.

Yesterday our school Athletic Sports were held:

Boss 2nd, Daeshaun 3rd - Junior Boys 100m

Daeshaun - 1st- 200m

Cameron - High Jump

Cameron again - bar cleared...

and cleared again; 1st Junior Boys High Jump...

which is all pretty amazing when the bar is this high and Cameron is short!
Room 10 pupils had a successful day and the following are our results:
Danielle Lamont: 1st in the 1500m
                           2nd in the high jump

Jacinda Shaw: 3rd in the 1000m
                      2nd 100m
                      3rd 1500m
                      3rd 60m
                      3rd 300m
Boss Taramai: 2nd in the 100m

Cameron Short : 1st in the high jump
                         2nd long jump

Brooke Baldwin: 1st in the cricket ball throw
                          2nd shot put

Katarina Marama Nepe: 2nd  in the cricket ball throw

Maire Toka: 3rd in the 200m
                    3rd discus

Tiare Manu: 2nd in the 100m
                   2nd 200m
                   2nd 300m
                   2nd 1000m
                   2nd 1500m                    

Daeshaun Reti: 1st 200m
                       2nd 60m
                       2nd 300m
                       3rd 100m

Lloyd Clarke: 1st 1000m and 1500m


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