Thursday, May 24, 2018

Brian Falkner visited.

Brian Falkner a well known NZ author spent the day at the school recently- he worked with groups of our more capable writers and spoke to the school at Assembly. He’s a seriously nice guy, a great author and those lucky enough to spend time with him today learnt lots.

Andrew from the Room 10 2017 class, hosted Assembly and introduced Brian to the school, he also wrote a report for the school newsletter:

Our Time With Brian Falkner

 On 11 May, the extension language groups of Tokoroa Intermediate  
 had the rare opportunity to work a best- selling author. This   talented man is named Brian Falkner, his most famous work being ‘The Tomorrow Code’. He began his lesson by telling us about his  
 passion to write and read books, it was always a dream of Brian’s 
 to have his name on his very own book in a library, to achieve this
 Brian had to push through with the pure power of tenacity for three
 decades in order to be noticed by a publisher and finally achieve
 his lifelong dream. One of the many, many things we learned while 
 Brian taught us was the actual concept of a story. We were taught   that in order to make a story immersive was to use emotions of the   reader. Mr Falkner also spoke to the school assembly.
 A big thanks to our school librarian Mrs Van Der Putten for   arranging for this author to come and spend the day at Tokoroa 
 Andrew W 

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