Saturday, December 2, 2017


Andrew is one of the Room 10 2017 boys, he's quite a character,  and we discovered that early in the year. He loves words and has a phenomenal vocabulary, and general knowledge earning him the nickname
The class have learnt the meanings of a whole lot of new words this year ( so have I! ) words like Aubade, boreal, Cimmerians, and pulchritudinous
When he's not creating some pretty amazing writing. he can be found on the basketball courts where he is known as 'Uncle Drew: He is also the Junior Boys High Jump Champion. 
I always knew Andrew was a thoughtful, kind student and the letter he wrote about his school year proves it.
Watch this space - I'm sure he's going to have a great future ahead of him ....

Tokoroa Intermediate staff 2017,

This is a letter of appreciation to the 2017 Tokoroa Intermediate staff. After an incredible first year full of knowledge being passed down from teacher to student through the many enjoyable lessons I've had the pleasure to have been a part of, I am thankful for our amazing teachers who have made our class a safe haven so that we could simply listen and learn. Who have sheltered their students from the harsh world, focusing only on giving us the tools to succeed, to be brave people with hearts of steel I will make each and every single one of you proud of me, that's a promise. In particular, I want to express my gratitude towards the awe-inspiring Mrs Puke and Mr Knapman for many things. They not only filled their roles as teachers but served as the lights that led me down the correct path, showed me what a truly kind person is along with their examples of mental strength.

Our wonderful principal and deputy principal who have been the composers behind the symphony of achievement our school has performed so proudly throughout the year. The tech arts teachers who have made our sessions with them an experience of fun mixed with an abundance of learning. An incredible pair of women who operate in the office, they are amazingly organized with the many trips, currency and permission slips they have handled. I also want to acknowledge the staff members who are unfortunately retiring or wish to pursue a career elsewhere I respect you and wish you the best on the journey of your life. I look forward to another year at Tokoroa Intermediate and am truly grateful for the things my teachers have taught me both academic and moral, thank you all from the bottom my heart.

- Andrew

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